Biden is swimming in the deep end…and he doesn’t know how to swim.

Once again, Sen. Joe Manchin, stands up for his constituents:  Manchin pours water on Biden’s attempt to revive Build Back Better.

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What Biden Got Wrong in His State of the Union Address.

Charles W. Cooke writes about All the President’s Incoherence.

President Biden’s State of the Union report card: Experts give their grades.

Biden’s unserious State of the Union.

Joe Biden’s State Of The Union Previewed Dems’ Fake Attempt To Walk Back Their Culture War.

Biden should’ve had a Churchill moment — but blew it with a back-slapping SOTU.

Determined Leadership Everywhere but America: Open the Spigots, Open the EastMed Pipeline

Russian cyberattacks against US banks increasing: sources.

U.N. Votes Overwhelmingly to Condemn Russian Invasion of Ukraine, Demands Withdrawal

Paskudnyak Putin.

White House asks Congress to approve additional $10B in Ukraine-related aid.  The request is well laid out for where the money will go; however, there is nothing indicating any cuts to where the money is coming from…since government isn’t selling a product for us to purchase, it will come from increased taxes and add to the soaring inflation we are already facing.  AT THE VERY LEAST, OPEN THE PIPE LINES SO WE ARE NOT PAYING RUSSIA FOR GAS THAT WE HAVE; AMERICA FIRST!

China asked Russia to delay Ukraine war until after Olympics: report

White House unveils plan for next phase of COVID-19 fight.

Biden wants to waste more money on COVID on top of the trillions spent

Meanwhile, Democrats look for offramp from masking in public.  Since they will do almost anything to stay in office and not have to work in the real world, they are “…distancing themselves from the strong pro-mask stance they took for most of the pandemic, which is becoming more and more of a political liability at a time when many Americans are reaching their limits of COVID-19 fatigue.”

NRA Scores Court Victory Against AG Letitia James In New York.  More in this decision from

Don’t Buy Democrats’ Cries of GOP ‘Racism’ and ‘Misogyny’ on Biden’s Supreme Court Pick.

Don’t Mess with the Tax Cap.

Protecting the Magic of Childhood.

The World Wants to Be Deceived.

There are some times when we really need to laugh out loud; this column by Cindy Adams, made me do just that this morning.  Of course, it helps that I spent half my life living in New York City.  Thanks for the memories, Cindy Adams, more importantly, thank you for making me laugh!