What did Ukraine do just hours before Russia invaded?

Radical: Senate Dems Overwhelmingly Support Nationwide Law Imposing Abortion-on-Demand For All Nine Months.    Sen. Charles Schumer continues to push a far left agenda, but thankfully was unable to get the bill passed.  Republicans Block Abortion Rights Measure in Senate.

Europe’s Wakeup Call.

Guess what Ukraine did just hours before Russia’s invasion.

Rich Lowry writes about Nationalism’s Finest Hour.

From National Review: If You Want to Constrain Putin, Do the Obvious.

Europe needs more American oil and gas, not windmills and rainbows.

The Democrats’ Never-Ending Supreme Court Hypocrisy

From the Daily Signal:  7 Major Failures of the Biden Presidency.

Are Courts Properly Interpreting Supreme Court Precedent and Respecting Religious Employers’ Employment Decisions?

Confirmed: Democrats Now Want to Move On from COVID Hysteria Because of the Polling.

Here is another issue that is driven by the polling and driving democrats to pretend they have always been opposed to defunding the police.    State of the Union: Biden to speak against defunding police amid violent crime surge.

Biden’s SOTU exposes Democratic Party divisions.

The VP, Kamala Harris, really does live in her own little world, unaware of what is happening in the world that we live in.  Kamala Harris blasted for claiming ‘voters got what they asked for’ in electing her, Biden.

Another example of a women living in her own world!  Pelosi suggests Biden’s approval rating low because Americans uninformed.  Madam Speaker, the reason Biden’s approval ratings are low is because Americans are informed; the buy gas, they buy food, they heat their homes, unlike you who stores your $13 pints of ice cream in a $24000 freezer, they live in the real world and are reflecting their disappointment in how President Biden is running our country.

NYT Publishes Slanderous Video About the Death of Trayvon Martin.  The NY Times has been called “The Gray Lady” both for its tradition of only printing in black and white and for its careful, deliberative approach to journalism.  It is mindboggling, and quite frankly very discouraging how “The Gray Lady” no longer lives up to that standard.