David versus Goliath again in 2022

On Saturday, conservatives from across all sections of our state gathered in Westchester County to  nominate its statewide slate of candidates for the upcoming November elections: New York Conservative Party designates candidate slate and Political right highlights 2022 talking points at Conservative Party convention are just two of the news articles regarding our convention.  We did broadcast it live on Facebook, and if you want to see the enthusiasm and energy you can view it here.  Our candidates, Lee M. Zeldin for governor, Alison Espositio for Lt. Governor, Paul A. Rodriguez for NYS Comptroller, Michael L. Henry for NYS Attorney General and Joe Pinion for United States Senator from New York State are all dedicated to Saving Our State from the one-party rule that has led to increased crime, loss of jobs and population and parents being forced out of our children’s education by overzealous school boards subjecting them to indoctrination, mandates and masks. Our candidates and our Conservative Party are eager to restore New York to it Empire State status.

Governor Hochul has responded to the outcry of parents and those who have fought to end the mask mandate on our students by ending the mask mandate on March 2, while NYC is looking to end it on March 7.  Gov. Hochul is “reading the tea leaves” knowing full well that parents are fed up with the restrictions placed on our children.  Government overstepped its role during this pandemic, refusing to listen to the science while preaching, no demanding, we obey what they said.  We will not forget this in November, knowing full well, that if “forgive” the damage done to our children, the “woke” government will not hesitate to reinstate their controlling our freedom.  Leopards do not/cannot change their spots.

The Conservative Party will be at the forefront of reminding government’s elected officials that America is a Republic that was created by and for the people “We the people of the United States…do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.”  The United States of America’s government is the everyday citizen, not the elected officials who believe they decide how to run it; they are there to follow what we decide; and when they do not; we will replace them.  During the dark days of our young nation’s Civil War, Abraham Lincoln ended his Gettysburg Address with this, “and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”  We the people who live, work, love and understand New York State will save our state on November 8, 2022.

This 99-year-old public servant deserves to see his name on a monument.

From the NY Post:  Yes, that’s Ukraine’s flag on our cover  “You may have noticed something different about the front page of Monday’s Post: We’ve put Ukraine’s flag at the top right, where we usually note Page Six, matching Old Glory at the top left.

Our reporting and analysis show our awe of Ukrainians’ staunch defiance of Vladimir Putin’s tanks, planes, missiles and conscript army. Ukrainians have become heroes to the free world.

The Post stands with the people of Ukraine in their heroic struggle for freedom.”  See it for yourself here.

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