Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap discusses the Ukraine situation, reapportionment and Allison Esposito for Lt. Governor.

Russia Invades the Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s Russia revealed itself as a pariah state this week as it launched an unprovoked invasion of Democratic Ukraine.

The New York State Conservative Party urges President Biden and other world leaders to impose the most severe sanctions possible on Putin’s Russian regime.

Ukraine is a free and independent nation that escaped the grasp of Marxism a generation ago. It must not be lost to totalitarianism again. To the brave Ukrainians who have taken up arms to defend their homeland and democracy, you are in our thoughts and prayers. We wish you all the strength in the world to repeal back this invasion.  Read our statement on Russia’s invasion here.


 The New York State Supreme Court in Steuben County will hear the major case objecting to the new New York State Senate and House of Representatives district lines.

The hearing is set to be held on Thursday, March 3rd. We expect a decision soon after and remain hopeful that we will have a successful day in court. The State Constitution outlines numerous criteria for a fair and equitable reapportionment.

Many members of the media and political scene, regardless of party affiliation, in NY and across the country have spoken out against the gerrymandered lines presented to us by the Democratic state legislature. We believe we will present strong arguments that must be taken into serious consideration.

 Alison Esposito for Lt. Governor

 I was pleased to attend Lee Zeldin’s announcement Wednesday as he named his running mate for Lt. Governor, Deputy Inspector Alison Esposito.

Inspector Esposito is a retiring member of the NYPD who will bring an abundance of knowledge and experience in law enforcement at a time when New York City and State desperately need it.

What may not be as obvious is her wide range of experience throughout NYC’s diverse communities or her proven ability to lead in the most stressful of circumstances.

Born and raised in Orange County, and a current Manhattan resident, Alison is a well-studied conservative with solid core beliefs. Together with Zeldin they will return the executive chamber to common sense, conservative control.

Zeldin, Esposito and the rest of the statewide tickets will be nominated on Saturday afternoon at our convention to be held at the Westchester Manor with check-in beginning at 1:00 pm. I look forward to a good convention with many of you in attendance.

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