Hillary Clinton believes she is making a comeback…Ms. Clinton is profoundly mistaken.

From The Hill:  Democrats show little appetite for Biden’s call for gun control.

From National Review:  Durham’s Jaw-Dropping Revelation.  “The Clinton campaign, we now know, played a huge role in generating the suspicions that spawned the government’s investigation, not least by commissioning the discredited “Steele Dossier,” which the FBI used to persuade the court to issue the warrants.”  Turns out the real threat to ‘norms’ was the Hillary Clinton campaign.  Does anyone believe that Hillary Clinton was unaware of what her campaign was doing?  Does anyone believe that Hillary Clinton did not encourage such behavior?  Knowing this, would you choose Hillary Clinton to keynote the NYS Democratic Convention?   The fact that Ms.  Clinton is, speaks volumes.  Be certain to read the last sentence in the State of Politics article.

Flashback: Liberal Media Told Us ‘There Was No Spying’ on Trump.

The frightening breadth and unaccountability of the deep state.

Thank Dems’ catastrophic climate policy for skyrocketing energy bill.

New York City Fires More Than 1,400 Unvaccinated Workers.  What happened to the leftist-lemmings battle cry of my body, my choice?

Perhaps they know something we don’t know (for certain) …NY Rep. Kathleen Rice is the 30th House Democrat to bow out of 2022 race.

Pelosi Declines to Say If She’ll Run for Speaker Again If Democrats Keep House…I would imagine if she did it would guarantee a red wave.

Federal Judge James Ho Surprises Georgetown Law with Speech Defending Ilya Shapiro.

Follow the “Diversity”/New analysis quantifies the politicization of federal science grants.

Biden’s energy flop.  And then there is this:  Biden Administration Kills Israel-to-Europe Gas Pipeline.

GOP senators to block vote on Biden Fed picks.

‘He just gained more freedom fighters’: Truckers react to Trudeau invoking Emergencies Act.

David Harsanyi opines about The Ugly Vilification of ‘Freedom’