Freedom of the Press does not mean selective “we will only tell you want we want you to know” reporting.

TAKE ACTION: Hochul’s Health Department Considers Controversial Regs    Comments are due by  TODAY, February 14, 2022

In case you missed this on Friday:  It’s now up to the courts to save NY from Dems’ vile, illegal gerrymandering.

Gerrymanders hurt democracy and other commentary.

Durham: Tech Exec Working with Clinton-Tied Lawyer Spied on Trump Tower, White House.

Most Democrats want Hillary Clinton investigated for any role in Russiagate scandal: poll.

Flashback: Biden’s National Security Advisor Drove Trump-Russia Server Connection.

’60 Minutes,’ CNN, MSNBC, downplayed, criticized Durham probe of Russia investigation.

The woman is delusional: Pelosi Says ‘Kitchen Table Issues’ Will Help Democrats Win In Midterms Despite 40-Year High Inflation.  Pelosi also said: ‘An assault on Ukraine is an assault on democracy’.  The Speaker is programed with talking points, if we believe what she is saying about Ukraine, wouldn’t it stand to reason that an assault on our boarder is an assault on our democracy? Delusional!!

Gov. Kathy Hochul repeats ugly Cuomo-esque history with dark money.

‘Sympathetic’ prosecutors from Manhattan DA’s office lower bond to free alleged shooter.

NY lawmaker compares charter school expansion to COVID-19 crisis.

Cathedral of the Left – Dems, Biden want to replace rule of law with their brand of religious zealotry.

America’s Assault on Reason and Logic

Late-night reports suggest CIA collecting more data on Americans.

Critical Race Theory & the Great American Divide.

What Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter Teach Us about Power.

Biden Administration Urges Court Not to Allow Release of ‘Secret Report’ on Dominion Voting Machines.

Heather MacDonald writes major cultural institutions Distort the Present, Rewrite the Past.

Authoritarian Science and the Case of Hydroxychloroquine.