Governor Hochul continues to ignore the majority voice of New Yorkers.

It really is disturbing how our current Governor is determined to override the voice of New Yorkers when it comes to ballot access.  Governor Hochul, the voters spoke loud and clearly in November when they were asked to vote on three statewide ballots that concerned voting in New York state.  Yet you persist in trying to override our voices:  Hochul pledges more aggressive efforts on voting laws.  You are the governor of New York, not an overlord of the people who live here; you work for us, you are elected by the people, and quite frankly, your days are numbered.  “I will be very involved in ballot issues,” she said. “Sometimes issues when you think they’re so simple and commonsensical and that there will be unified support behind them, people don’t take it out there to streets and fight, they get hijacked by other forces and then that’s how you lose.”  In other words, just give me total control so we can win all the time.

Stop pretending non-citizen voting is normal—it’s not.

Biden snaps at ‘wise guy’ Lester Holt for noting how president was wrong about inflation.  I guess President Biden is feeling the heat of his falling poll numbers and the increasing pressure of not being able to give the leftist-lemmings all that they demand. What he must come to understand is that we Americans are feeling the pressure of the largest increase in inflation since 1982…and his spending and policies are directly responsible.  Snapping at a reporter, who has always been friendly to the democratic cause, indicates he knows his policies are the problem, and very unbecoming for someone who pledged to be a “uniter.”  Latest inflation surge brings new political peril for Biden, Democrats.

Border smugglers use social media to recruit kids, urge reckless driving to evade Border Patrol.  “The cartels dangle big paydays in front of the kids and assure them that because they’re juveniles, they won’t face severe consequences if they’re caught. The kids are also told that if they flee, agents will give up if a high-speed car chase becomes too risky for others on the road.”

Astounding Stats on Biden Border Crisis: Illegal Crossings Explode, Deportations Plummet.

US Immigration Agency Changes Mission, Removes Key Phrases.

New BBC Analysis Reveals the Tragic Impact COVID Policies Had on Youth Mental Health

It’s a Bad Idea to Tap Medicare to Bail Out Postal Service.