A modern day David v Goliath.

Taking the Voters Out of the Equation’: How the Parties Are Killing Competition.

Dems ignoring ‘will of the people’ with redrawn NY congressional districts: Malliotakis.

‘Dismantling Democracy’ to save it: How Democrats rediscovered the joys of rigging elections.

New York’s Politics Are Getting Messier By The Day.

Chutzpa, arrogance, gall…take your choice because, should this article be accurate, and I am certain it is, Jimmy Vielkind, (a good reporter,) all three put together aren’t strong enough to describe Andrew M. Cuomo:  Andrew Cuomo Plans Comeback Months After Resigning Amid Sexual-Harassment Claims.

Interesting.  Brooklyn Democrat Brook-Krasny switches to GOP as he eyes Assembly run.

From the Wall Street Journal (subscription required): $30 Trillion in Government Debt and Counting.

Don’t you just feel so sorry for Senator Schumer.  All those years of longing to be Majority Leader and now he finds out he just isn’t up to getting the job done.  Schumer faces brewing war and progressives ramp up primary threats.

The border stampede isn’t a Biden a ‘failure’ — it’s exactly what he and Dems want.

John Lott writes:  Biden’s ‘guns first’ approach to violent crime ignores basic facts.

White House gets set for cautious pivot on pandemic .

Experts open the door to lifting last mask mandates.

Ill effects of lockdowns are far greater than any benefits.

The Dark Truth about America’s Agricultural System.

The U.S. is considering a radical rethinking of the dollar for today’s digital world

See the whites of Democrats’ eyes.

Black Lives Matter is imploding in scandal — a lesson about causes deemed beyond question.

If you watch Mark Levin’ Sunday nights TV show, Life, Liberty and Levin, last night (0206 2022) you know it featured John McLaughlin renowned pollster.  Mr. McLaughlin referenced, with high praise, how the NYS Conservative Party defeated the 3 statewide petitions that appeared on the November, 2021 ballots.  John’s remarks demonstrated how David (the Conservative Party) did beat Goliath.  If you missed it, you can watch it here.   John McLaughlin’s remarks begin at 24:24.