Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses reapportionment, Gov. Hochul’s meeting with DA Bragg and our sold-out CPPAC!


 The Democratically controlled Legislature, to no one’s surprise, passed a Congressional, State Senate and Assembly reapportionment that constituted a highly partisan attempt to gerrymander Conservative/Republican members out of office.

Communities of interest were split with no consideration for citizens or their views. Strange configurations that resulted in a Congressional District running from Buffalo to Fort Drum (24th), and another running from the Upper West side of Manhattan to New York Harbor in Brooklyn, connected by a mile long strip of Brooklyn (10th), are just two examples.

The same can be said for the state senate and assembly where most every state senate district went through major changes and the existing highly partisan assembly reapportionment, already in place, became worse. Lawsuits from both the right and left are being filed. Many NYC left leaning organizations who submitted maps believe the democrats ignored their concerns.  We believe the democratic controlled legislature in passing an extreme reapportionment has shown its moral corruptness.  Of course, we will be supporting various lawsuits and alternative plans.

We will be nominating many candidates over the next few weeks who will speak of the many failures that have been brought about by one-party controlled government. In 2021 we expect to beat the democrats at their own game by taking our case directly to the people.


Hochul Meets with Bragg

Governor Hochul met with Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg last week. Nothing happened, and that should surprise no one.

Hochul is worse than an apologist for this mad man masquerading as a District Attorney. She is a political animal more concerned with protecting herself from the socialist Democrats in her party rather than having the safety of all New Yorkers in mind.

The Conservative Party continues to call for Hochul to remove Bragg from office due to malfeasance. Please sign our petition here to stop empowering criminals and restore order back to our street.

Additionally, we have come out strongly in support of legislation introduced by State Senator Pat Gallivan and Assemblyman Mike Lawler (S8176 / A8682) that mandates life without parole for anyone who murders a law enforcement officer or first responder. Bragg has indicated in writing that his office will request for first degree murder sentencing of no more than twenty years, a small price to pay for taking one’s life.

CPPAC 2022

Our 54th Conservative Party Political Action Conference was a great success. Our lunch and dinner were sold out, our speakers were highly informative and the reaction from all those who

attended or watched our live feed was positive. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our conference. You can watch the entire event or selective speakers here (scroll down).

New York Democrats Have Gerrymandered Their Way to a Huge Advantage.

Michael Gianaris once railed against gerrymandering — now he’s pushing for it in NY.

Gov. Hochul says she cut Manhattan DA Bragg ‘some slack’ on soft crime stance.

Kids Full of Life, Adults Obsessed with Death.

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