Europeans fought back, now the nations are dismantling the COVID state, what are we waiting for?

Is Democracy Down for the Count in New York?

How America Is Doing 1 Year Into Biden’s Presidency.

Commentary: There’s a big supply problem in New York’s energy plan.

Biden’s NYC visit won’t address the real causes of crime: Democratic policy.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg delayed ‘no-knock’ warrant for dangerous ex-con: sources.  Have you signed our petition to demanding Gov. Hochul fire DA Bragg yet?  If, not Click here to sign.

Larry Kudlow writes in the NY Sun:  Police Funerals Mark a Make-or-Break Moment for Our City and Country.

From City Journal’s Christopher F. Rufo:   Prison-Gang Politics/The Left’s racialist ideologies threaten to transform America into a prison yard.

Also, in City Journal:  Phantom Austerity/Progressive claims that insufficient social spending is driving up crime in New York City don’t add up.

New Yorkers scared to walk the streets, expect ‘absolutely nothing’ from Biden’s visit with the mayor.

Biden’s Border Mess.

IRS Demands Smack of Big Brother.

Biological Endowments/President Biden’s gender and sex criteria for his Supreme Court nomination is no more rational than the infamous distinction Roman emperor Elagabalus used for his appointments

‘Lockdowns Had Little to No Effect on COVID Mortality’: New Johns Hopkins Study

ICYMI:  10 COVID-19 ‘Truths’ That Weren’t True.

Reminder:  COVID-19 Policies Are Hurting Kids More Than Virus Itself.

FDA Issues Warning on 2 Recalled COVID-19 Tests.

New Study on Ivermectin ‘Should Convince Any Naysayer’: Dr. Pierre Kory.

European Nations Are Dismantling the COVID State. Will the U.S. Follow?

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors tied to other groups with spending ‘red flags’: report.

Driven out of office — rightly: Andrew Cuomo is still a huge creep and worse.

Schumer-aligned dark money group hauls in record $92 million from hidden donors.

Schumer falsely claims Supreme Court ‘was all White men’ until 1981, ignoring Thurgood Marshall.

With Whoopi Suspended, the Segment on Clarence Thomas Is…Amusing.

Dear Young Biden Voters, Did You Really Think This Was Going to Happen.