Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the Big Lie, Identity Politics and this weekend’s political action conference.

The Big Lie

New York Democratic Leaders at all levels backed a fair and independent reapportionment until it became time to support a fair and independent reapportionment for the legislature and congress.

After hundreds of witnesses, numerous official plans, along with countless suggested plans, and millions of dollars spent, the independent commission folded like a cheap suit. Why? Because Democratic commissioners refused to work with their GOP counterparts.

Within days the Democratic controlled legislature took control of the process and without hesitation fully formulated gerrymandered districts proving that the whole process up until their intervention was a sham.

Fortunately, there can be no steal until all federal and state constitutional requirements are met. The Conservative Party and our attorneys will be watching closely. We will be ready to act swiftly to ensure districts are represented appropriately and held hostage under Democrat power grabs.

Identity politics

With the news of Supreme Court Justice Breyer’s retirement, President Biden will lead the search for a new Supreme Court Judge. He started this search by indicating that he will not be nominating the most qualified person, instead using identity politics as the vehicle driving the search.

Without question there are many highly qualified jurists regardless of race and gender, but when you set out to exclude, instead of include, all you do is lead to greater division.

We should not be filling quotas to satisfy a mob more interested in what you look like rather than what your accomplishments are. Finding the best possible candidate to fill a position is not only common sense, it’s the right thing to do. Putting the interest of the American people first means appointing individuals capable and qualified to do the job. It is my sincere hope we fill this empty Supreme Court seat with a fair and balanced justice, no matter what their ethnic background is, but filling it to check a box is short-sided, wrong, and a dereliction of duty.

 54TH Annual Conservative Party Political Action Conference

Our annual conference kicks off at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 400 Old Latham Road, Latham, NY 12210 (518-783-6161)   this Sunday and we are pleased to announce our agenda:

Sunday ~ January 30, 2022

Noon Registration ~ Atrium

Master of Ceremonies ~ Jason McGuire, Reg. Vice-Chair/Livingston County Chair

12:15 PM  Opening Remarks ~ State Chairman, Gerard Kassar

12:30 PM  Elizabeth Lupo Tesoriero ~ America’s Come Back: Children First

1:00 PM Betsy McCaughey ~ How to Run for School Board

1:30 PM Joseph T. Burns, Esq ~ Election Law

2:30 PM Joe Mahoney ~ Icarus on the Hudson: The Fall of Andrew Cuomo

3:00 PM Brittany Grome Antonacci, Acting Cayuga DA ~ Bail Reform A View from the Trenches

3:30 PM John Faso ~ Saving Democracy; Fighting Gerrymandering in NYS

4:00 PM Edmund G. Smyth, Huntington Town Supv. ~ Governing as a Conservative Republican

4:30 PM Karen Cross, National Right to Life ~ Being Pro-Life is NOT Extreme

5:00 PM Congresswoman Claudia Tenney ~ The Biden Administration; More Reasons Why You Should Be Scared

Monday ~ January 31, 2022

8:30 AM Late Registration ~ Atrium

9:00 AM Senator Thomas F. O’Mara ~ Problems and Failures with the NYS Budget

9:30 AM Prospective AG Candidates ~ Michael Henry and John Sarcone ~ Presentation

10:00 AM James Mermigis, Esq. ~ Fighting Vaccine Mandates

10:30 AM NYC Councilwoman Inna Vernikov ~ Non-Citizens Voting

11:00 AM Prospective US Senate Candidates ~ Aleksander Mici and Joe Pinion ~ Presentation

11:30 AM John McLaughlin ~ The Coming Conservative Wave

12:00 Press Conference in the Atrium

12:30 PM Luncheon ~ Gazebo

Featured Speaker ~ Tim Hoefer, President & CEO of Empire Center

6:00 – 7:00 PM Reception ~ Gazebo

7:00 – 9:00 PM Dinner ~ Gazebo

Presentation of Highest Conservative Rating Awards to: Senators Gallivan, Helming, Jordan, O’Mara, Ortt, Rath, Tedisco and Assembly Members Angelino, DiPietro, Lemondes, and Manktelow takes place at the Dinner.

Our Legislative Program is released at the dinner.

If you have not registered yet, click here.  

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