Unfortunately for all of US, the Biden Administration is still not ready for prime time.

Schumer’s daughters work for Amazon, Facebook as he holds power over antitrust bill.

Poor Chuck, does he realize he is making his dream die?  Senate Dems Fail to Pass ‘Voting Rights’ Legislation, Filibuster Change.  Perhaps he doesn’t really realize that is what he is doing…if he does why would he Schumer Misleads and Mischaracterizes About ‘Voter Suppression’ and ‘Voting Rights’…or is it that he actually thinks we are to uneducated to take notice of all his “misleads and mischaracterization” he is trying to sell in the quest to become a progressive hero (I  will do everything I can to avoid a challenge from AOC.)

This is how the Left reacts to inclusion:  Leftists Lose It After Sinema Shakes Hands With GOP Senators and Berkeley Professor Advocates for Violence Against Kyrsten Sinema.  The Left’s idea of  inclusion is only agreeing with what they say.

Democrats Are the Anti-Democracy Party.

The Quest to Destroy Work.

Biden’s press conference was an utter disaster.

Cleaning up for Grandpa Again: Psaki Does Damage Control Over Biden’s Election Legitimacy Remarks.

Biden Gets a Lesson From the Ukrainian President About ‘Minor Incursions’.

10 reasons why President Biden is a fool who’s fooling himself..

8 Takeaways From Biden’s First Press Conference of 2022.

VP Harris is not faring any better than Biden:  Kamala Harris grilled in contentious ‘Today’ interview addressing Russia, legitimacy of midterm elections.

And Hunter isn’t having a good week either:  Hunter Biden, former Biden aide invested in Chinese company tied to Communist Party, NBA China

Jordan Peterson Calls Out Justin Trudeau as Canada Considers Mandatory Vaccination.

Public Health’s Truth Problem/Throughout the pandemic, medical and scientific institutions have disseminated dubious advice, flawed studies, and even outright falsehoods.

False Positives for Genetic Disorders in Prenatal Testing Unacceptably High.

The Ghost of Jim Crow/Progressives are re-segregating American institutions under the guise of “racial equity.”

It is almost unimaginable that this bill had to be introduced in 2022:  GOP bill would ban race-based preferences in distributing scarce COVID-19 treatment.

Jim DeMint writes:  How the left uses strings-attached federal-funding rules to impose its ideology everywhere.

Hochul must get NYC’s charter cap lifted — fast.

China Wins the Gold for Tyranny.

NCAA Board of Governors accused of passing the buck with new transgender-athlete policy.

Student Debt Forgiveness Would Benefit ‘High-Wealth Households’ the Most, New Study Says.

Want to get away?  David Keene writes about Traveling in the time of COVID-19.