Why is it that most prominent democrats are preoccupied with holding on to power by making unrealistic promises to people who expect government to provide the ideal utopia to live in?

Heed the Advice of Edmund Burke/New Year’s Resolution: Do Not Allow Evil to Prosper!

A message to state legislators in New York:  Pass an act to RECALL elected officials who 1) who fail to uphold the Constitution they have taken an oath to uphold, and 2) those who that do not put the safety on our citizens before the criminal’s perceived rights.

Betsy McCaughey writes in the NY Post:  If you’re the wrong race, the push for health-care ‘equity’ could kill you.

Transgender Activists Strategize to Overcome GOP Wins With ‘Race Class Gender Narrative’.

Interesting:  SHOTS FIRED: ‘1619 Project’ Author Slams Teachers’ Unions for Harming Kids.  Question for Nikole Hannah-Jones:  isn’t it also harmful to teach your “1619” theory, that has been debunked by experts, to children?

Teachers’ union factions ramp up pressure on NYC to go remote over COVID surge.  It is long past time for teachers to take back their union!  Far too many teachers are not standing up for the children who are being shortchanged by the radicals running the union.  Teachers unions are harming our children.

From the Post Journal editorial page:  State Policies Mean Repeat Of High-Tax, Slow-Growth History.

The Albany Times Union newspaper headlines Gov. Hochul’ State of the State:  Hochul pledges to build a ‘brighter future’ for New York.  The glowing review of the SOS is typical of most of the coverage the speech received across the state.  However, no matter how many news organizations paint a positive assessment of the speech, almost every proposal has been put forward in the past, and nothing that Governor Hochul focused on would help overly taxed New Yorkers who work hard and do not commit misdemeanors or felonies.  Of course, the progressives that control the democratic party see it as a “brighter future” for New York.  Sadly, most New Yorkers will not see the “brighter future” and if they can move out of New York State, they will.

NY Post editorial board writes:  Hochul’s State of the State shows she has a ways to go to prove she’s right for New York.

What Jan. 6 Focus Is Really About.

Dems and media who portray Jan. 6 as a near-fatal attack on democracy are absurd.

9/11 First Responders and Families Have Something to Say About Dems Claiming 1/6 Was Just as Bad.

Biden Rips Trump for Inciting Capitol Riot in Anniversary Speech: ‘Power over Principle’.  Wow.  Power over principle…Joe Biden is one to talk about power over principle…just examine how the USA withdrew from Afghanistan, how he has caved to the “climate changers” by closing the Keystone Pipeline on the very first day in office and don’t forget his boasting the he will this (virus) then never anticipated the variants once elected…this much is certain, Biden is wedded to power over principle.

McConnell slams Senate Democrats for invoking Jan 6 to push filibuster changes: ‘Surreal’.

What could possibly be in the report that Biden Administration does not want you to know (of course, if you watch any media other than CNN, MSNBC and the like, you already know)?  Biden Withholds Annual Report on Deportations/ICE fails to produce annual report for first time in more than a decade.

Biden Administration Blocks Natural Gas Project In New England.

Watchdog Flags Ethics Landmine for Biden Admin in Landmark Affirmative Action Case.

It’s Official: More Americans Dead From COVID Under Biden Than Trump/Mainstream media outlets failed to report the milestone, for some reason.

USPS requests temporary waiver from Biden vaccine mandate, warns of supply chain disruption.

Chinese Communist Researcher Stole U.S. Monoclonal Antibody ‘Secrets’… In 2015.

Controversial Chinese Tech Billionaire Gives Millions to Elite American Universities.

Iran’s “Nuclear Blackmail”: Iran Has No Interest in Negotiating a New Nuclear Deal.

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