Happy New Year!


Allow me to wish all a very Happy, Safe and Productive New Year. The past year was a broadly successful year for the Conservative Party. There were countless local victories which turned the tide in our favor in county after county, town after town. Even in NYC gains were made in the Council. Considering the terrible polices the radical left has attempted to impose on us I am not surprised.

The sound defeat of propositions one, three and four that came about through our VOTENONY project received national attention by Sen. Mitch McConnell and national news organizations. This victory against forces that were more interested in partisan politics then secure elections and fair reapportionment required the party to raise and expend significant resources. The Party, supported by friends like yourself and significant allies, was able to meet the challenge.

The new year, despite continued political shenanigans by the radical left, looks to be a strong one for our party.  In Lee Zeldin we have an outstanding candidate for Governor. Our entire statewide slate will be announced in the near future and I think you will be impressed. The entire Congress and State Legislature are up for election in a Democratic created environment of out-of-control inflation, a failed foreign policy, anti-policing laws and rhetoric as well as one of the greatest over reaches of government authority ever seen in our nation during peacetime.

As always, the Conservative Party will advocate in the new year for individual freedom, personal responsibility and smaller government.

Thank you for supporting the Conservative Party.  Happy New Year!