The Squad et al. needs lessons in understanding the US Constitution and needs them immediately…

This is outrageous:  Shooter who killed first female NYPD officer in 1980s is paroled.  The NYPD lets us know that “Jeter is at least the 23rd cop-killer released by the Parole Board in under two years,” the union wrote in a statement Sunday morning.  New members are needed on the Parole Board and the way to accomplish that is to elect a new Governor in 2022.  Get involved in helping elect Lee Zeldin Save our State.  Click here for more information as to how you can help; if not you, than who?

China and a Failed WTO Accession.

China’s US Enablers.

Biden’s Appeasement of Moscow Threatens NATO.

Biden Administration Sanctions Mail-Order Abortion. Here’s How the Move Endangers Women.

The Latest White House Statement About the ‘Unvaccinated’ Is Making People’s Skin Crawl

Liberals disappointed after Biden’s first year.  Sen. Bernie Sanders is so out of touch with reality.  Sanders: Let Manchin vote no on Build Back Better ‘in front of the whole world’.

Another elected official who lives in her own world and doesn’t understand that CRT does the exact opposite as what she (and many others) thinks.  AOC Suggests CRT Opponents ‘Accepting of Racism’ as GOP Bills Against It Pile Up.

Unfortunately, this headline seems to be written based on the Biden Administration’s talking points:  Manchin undercuts Biden, leaving his agenda in limbo _ TheHill.   Question for The Hill: When did Sen. Manchin (and others) become responsible to the President (and The Squad, left wing editorial boards etc.)?  Have they all forgotten that every elected official is responsible to the people who elected him!  Do they not remember, We the People in order to form a more perfect Unionwhere does it say We the elected officials?

Shocking news from the White House, not!  White House says Manchin went back on his word .  Since their first day as the Biden Administration, they have never acknowledged their complicity in an obvious error in judgement.  Neither do any of the far-left democrats in Congress:  Democrats outraged after Manchin opposes Biden spending bill.

AOC Once Again Proves She Doesn’t Know What She’s Talking About.

Manchin Dares Democrats to Push Him Out of Party.

Dems pivot from Build Back Better to illiberal voting ‘rights’ bill.  Naturally, after lamenting the end of BBB, Sen. Sanders quickly pivoted to telling reporters that it was more important to get a “voting rights” bill through the Senate.  Senator, please either retire or get real, you are not in tune with most Americans.

Inflation Will Cost the Average Household an Astounding Amount in 2021, Ivy League Analysis Finds

Note to news organizations:  Fauci is so 2020, time to remove him from the spotlight.  Fauci Says Masking on Airplanes Will Never Go Away.

This could be great news:  Supreme Court arguments suggest bright future for parental school choice.

Food for thought for all high school seniors and their parents:  Why College Degrees Are Losing Their Value.  Obviously, a college degree is right for many, just be sure it is in an area that will put their degree to good use, for example “in 2013; only 27 percent of graduates had a job related to their major.”

From the Washington Free Beacon, a review of the ‘Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide.’

Thankfully, this is not an example of how the great majority of Americans react to disasters: Looters caught stealing from ravaged homes of tornado victims in Kentucky.  I know it happens often, but this time it really disturbed me, perhaps due to the looting of major stores without consequences, whatever the reason, some people really need to learn the Golden Rule.