It may be true that couples become more alike the longer they are married…Jill and Joe seem to be confused about the last 11 months.

Hunter Biden never fails to catch a break, from the White House or the elite media.

Congress must do more to stop China’s military-industrial spying on US campuses.

AOC Says Taxpayers Should Have to Pay Her $17K Student Loan—Even Though She Makes $174K a Year.

Stephen Moore writes in the NY Post:  Build Back beatdown for Biden: Fiscal double whammy for prez and his agenda.

Manchin raises inflation concerns ahead of pivotal Biden talk.

If you think Biden’s Build Back Better bill will help your child care expenses, this is a must read.  Here is former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s take on Build Back Better.

Natural disasters, like the horrific damage, we are witnessing in America’s heartland are heart wrenching to those who see the videos and photos; what the people who have survived are living through is almost unbearable.  To make it a political statement is unforgivable.   Good advice:  Don’t buy the pseudo-scientific hype about tornadoes and climate change.  “Equally important, the standard anti-warming agenda would do far more damage to humanity than all natural disasters put together — by impoverishing us all. We simply don’t yet have practical, affordable alternatives to fossil fuels (which, by the way, are still what produce most of the electricity for your Tesla).”

Let’s pray he keeps his word on this:  Biden to tour Kentucky tornado damage: ‘We’re not leaving anybody still breathing under debris’

Oh my, the First Lady’s whoppers are becoming as big as the president’s:  Jill Biden Says President Biden Rescued America During the COVID-19 Pandemic.  If inflation and mandates are considered rescuing America, Jill Biden is just as confused as her husband. Americans want their freedoms back, Mrs. Biden.

The Iran Nuclear Deal: Biden Administration’s Fatal Mistakes.

Just in case you are wondering what the VP has been doing, Katie Pavlich gives us an update.

A new day in Albany, NOT;  Hochul retains ties to Cuomo advisor.  When your business is complicit in protecting your client and then scrubs that client from your website, the principles obviously realize the shameful mistake it made; so, the question becomes, why would someone remain a client, could that client anticipate needing that stalwart business?  Empty New York’s swamp!

Any surprise so many New Yorkers are moving to Florida:  Ron DeSantis fights back against Biden illegal immigrant flights: Devine.  To the New Yorkers who are still here, hang in there, help is on its way.

A string of murders shows we must give violent offenders harsher sentences.

Melting Down Art and History.

Finding Hope in a Dark Time.

An Appalling Attack on Adoption.

Kyle Smith is offering some sage advice for the unemployed Cuomo brothers (we all needed a smile, thanks Kyle.)

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