Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses AG James dropping out of governor’s race, NYC allowing non-citizens to vote and CPPAC is back in 2022!

James Leaves Race for Governor

After only a few short weeks Attorney General Leticia James has bowed out of the race for Governor and announced her intentions to run for re-election as Attorney General. A surprising move as James was once considered to be the front runner.

Some will say James’ exit benefits Governor Hochul, others say it will unify the growing progressive socialist wing within the Democratic Party.  The Working Family Party’s candidate, far left New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, is sure to benefit from James leaving the race. Though James has endorsed Governor Hochul, the Democratic primary is shaping up to be a battle between dangerous ideologies.

Regardless of who James’ departure benefits the most, it remains crystal clear New York needs a reset and common sense leadership. The Conservative Party continues to support the only candidate that can return sanity back to New York State and that is Lee Zeldin.

New York City Council Passes Non-Citizen Voting

The NYC Council has passed an amendment to the NYC Charter that will allow several hundred thousand green card holders and other legal non-citizens to vote in city municipal elections.

The Conservative Party continues to believe the move is unconstitutional and we will be joining in on a major lawsuit to overturn the city’s action.

Non-citizens voting should be a concern for New Yorker’s statewide and beyond. If non-citizen voting is allowed to stand it will be a precedent and empower other localities around the state to pass the same change.

It is unconscionable that the NYC Council would devalue the vote of American citizens, one of our most sacred rights as Americans. We will continue to update you as we proceed with our legal actions.

Conservative Political Action – CPPAC – Meeting

After being forced to skip our 2021 conference due to Covid restrictions, we will be holding our annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Albany on Sunday, January 30th and Monday, January 31st at the Holiday Inn in Latham (400 Old Loudon Rd, Latham, NY 12110).

We are in the process of formulating the agenda and strongly urge you to hold the date. There will be numerous panels that will include speakers from the media, state politics, government, and issue oriented organizations.

There will be a Monday lunch with a key note speaker and an evening awards reception with our State Legislators at which time we will release our legislative agenda.

Mark your calendars – January 30 and 31, 2022 – and join us for an exciting two days talking about our recent success and where we plan on going from there. More details to follow!

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