Fifty years ago, the US Supreme Court created law, hopefully within 207 days it will realize that decision was misguided.

Just some of the coverage on yesterdays US Supreme Court hearing regarding the potentially historic case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. A Pathetic Political Argument on Dobbs from Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan. Lawmakers react to Mississippi Supreme Court abortion case. Observations on Today’s Abortion Argument at Supreme Court. High Court Hears Arguments in Biggest Abortion Case Since Roe. Here Are Key Takeaways. What I Saw at the Supreme Court as Justices Heard a Major Abortion Case. Five revealing quotes from Supreme Court abortion case. Even though many conservative pundits believe the Mississippi law will be upheld and Roe v Wade may become moot (we will know by June 27, 2022), the reality is that states will have the ability to adopt overly broad abortion laws similar to New York State’s. On the bright side, if Roe v Wade becomes moot, maybe New York’s “up to the moment of birth” abortion law will also, under new leadership.

It’s reckless for the left to selectively cry racism.

See No Murder/Despite its obsession with race, the media are blind to the nonwhite victims of rising violent crime.

Gordon G. Chang writes about The Moral Imperative to End China’s Regime in Gatestone Institute.

Also, in Gatestone Institute:  China Prepared to Launch Hostilities Against India Along Disputed Himalayan Border.

Chris Farrell writes about Vaccines and Power in Gatestone Institute.

Omicron Shows Why It’s Time to Move On from COVID Restrictions.

It is mindboggling that elected officials could be so mindless! If they are flummoxed by the crime wave, how do they think things through on complicated issues? Smash-and-grab crime wave baffles congressional Democrats.

Larry Kudlow opines in The New York Sun:  While Biden Blames Trump for Everything Under the Sun, Inflation Is Now Higher and Growth Lags.

File this under will worth the read:  Save the Cobalt! Municipal recycling programs need serious reevaluation.

Welcome to Mark Zuckerberg’s New Dystopia: the Metaverse.

Facebook staffer secretly advised Andrew Cuomo’s team to ‘victim shame’ accuser.

Next Step for the Parents’ Movement: Curriculum Transparency.

Do you remember the adage the higher you climb, the harder you fall? Ex-Gov. Cuomo under federal probe over sexual harassment claims. When you act as if you are invincible, inevitably you come crashing down.

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