There was a time when you got in trouble for putting your hand in cookie jar…

Pence Predicts End of Roe v. Wade…if SCOTUS follows the science, former VP Pence will be right in his prediction. On the same note, our friend, Kathleen Gallagher, has a great column in this weeks’ The Evangelist.

This is an eye-opener:  China’s Subnational Influence at Work in the New York State Legislature.

Deroy Murdock writes:  Down With Foreign-Citizen Voting in American Elections.

You are forced to resign due to the complete disregard of the oath you took and you are still eligible for over $50,000 yearly – no state taxes to be paid on it – of taxpayer dollars; good deal for Andrew, disgraceful deal for New Yorkers. Cuomo takes his $4,219 monthly pension from the state.

Two of a kind (willing to break the rules to keep the power):  Chris Cuomo faces scrutiny at CNN over texts showing lengths he went to aid bro Andrew amid sex scandal. Will he keep his job as new details on Chris Cuomo’s role advising brother Andrew surface? Chris Cuomo crossed ‘many’ red lines by using journalistic street cred to help brother: Howard Kurtz

Such a project is a bold exit move for de Blasio, who has been pushing for so-called harm reduction strategies such as supervised injection sites since 2018. He should have just exited without this “bold” ultimately harmful move. New York City Opens Nation’s First Government-Sanctioned Drug Injection Sites.

From City Journal: The Genealogy of Woke Capital/From compliance to diversity.

Supreme Court Will Determine If Customers Can Sue Businesses for ‘Emotional Distress.’ This Has Serious Implications for Religious Freedom.

Biden administration attacks religious liberty.

Biden Enlists Nuclear Disarmament Proponents To Study ICBM Alternatives.

New Yorkers shouldn’t have to pay SEVEN TIMES the cost for their schools as other cities.

Jeff Minick writes in Intellectual Takeout:  Looking for COVID Truth in All the Wrong Places.

Larry Kudlow writes about Two Pieces of Good News Emerge Amid Mixed Blessings on the Economic Front.

CNBC Host Says Quiet Part Out Loud About COVID Vaccine Mandate.

Fed Chair Blows Up Biden’s Argument Inflation Is ‘Transitory’