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Sen. Schumer, you are purposely confusing your constituents (and others in your capacity of Senate Majority Leader) in your never-ending quest for publicity. The gasoline is too damn high: Schumer says New York drivers desperately need relief from surging fuel prices. There is no doubt that every driver desperately needs relief from surging fuel prices; however, your solution is misguided. To use the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for a possible short term reprieve of the Biden Administration’s cancelling  of the Keystone fuel lines, thereby being a major cause of the surging fuel prices, will not resolve the overall problem that you and the Biden Administration are determined to end (by any and all means possible, including the probable closing of another oil pipeline) the use of fossil fuels in the United States of America.  Government’s chief responsibility is to protect her citizens; not rule by fiat that Americans must abandon the free enterprise system. Americas’ entrepreneurial spirit has always accepted challenges and adopted to the needs presented. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is there for emergencies out of our control (hurricanes that disrupt supplies are out of our control) not for surging oil prices created by decisions made to curb the use of fossil fuels and force people to use what the government has decided to promote. What you should be doing, Senator Schumer, is standing up for us by telling President Biden that we must return to the energy independence we enjoyed under President Trump,. We won’t hold our breath while you find your backbone to really help your constituents.

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