President Joe “Coriolanus Snow” Biden shows his authoritarian personality again.

Durham wins over toughest critic with revelations of Dem scheme behind Trump-Russia probe.

The Durham Probe Just Reached Into the Biden White House.

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Fighting the Woke Asylum Through Natural Law.

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It’s Time to Call Out Higher Education for What It Really Is.

Hopeful News in Higher Ed.

President Biden is allowing his narcissism to show:  Biden jokes about second term amid tanking approval numbers while celebrating Bucks title.

This is devastating news; can he be that naïve as to not know what Iran’s plans are? Iran’s Cash Reserves Soar Under Biden.

Does anyone in the Biden Administration understand and respect the United States Constitution? Biden Admin Amassing Millions of Records on US Gun Owners Amid New Crackdown on Firearms.

Then there is this:  After That Declaration, Biden Either Doesn’t Know the Court Ruling on the Vaccine Mandate…or He Forgot.   I still think he is cunning and ignores what he doesn’t want to hear; then he ignores the Courts and the US Constitution because he self-importance (I am the President) is all that matters to him.

Looming rise in cost of home-heating fuel puts White House on defensive.

Big cash prizes for illegals is Biden’s worst idea yet.

Heather Macdonald writes in the City Journal:  Unscientific Method/An astronomer’s peer-reviewed work is passed under the “equity” lens and found wanting.

What’s Next as 27 States, Multiple Businesses Sue to Stop Biden’s Vaccine Mandate.

Ready, Aim, Fire: Left Fired Too Soon and Created Its Own Tet Offensive.

Cal Thomas writes that Winsome Sears Is Left’s Worst Nightmare.

Dem Amnesty Would Protect Domestic Abusers, Republicans Say.

Microsoft Encourages Employees To State Race, Gender During Presentations.

Gaffes must be contagious in certain circles:  Obama leaves audience scratching heads over gaffes at Scotland summit.