Democrats are having a melt-down moment(s).

Tomorrow is election day and while many consider this an “off-year” it is an extremely important election year.  There are 5 statewide propositions on the back of your ballot that are extremely important to all New Yorkers.  Prop 1 will weaken the independent redistricting process enacted by voters in 2014 before it is even allowed to work. Prop 3 eliminates the requirement that citizens register to vote at least 10 days before an election. Prop 4 allows universal vote by mail and ballot harvesting.  All 3 of these propositions will guarantee that your voice will be very difficult to be heard.

Read more about our VOTE No on statewide propositions here.

Today’s Democratic Party is not the Democratic Party of your grandparents or even your parents; it has become a Party that states “Unity is our Power.”  Political Power is defined as the ability of one person to get another person to act in accordance with the first person’s intentions.  When you crave the power, and you cannot get your followers to act in accordance with what you want and you are in power, coercion is the next step.  For example:  First it was recommended masks, then there were mandated; first it was bribing those who didn’t get the vaccine; now it is mandated vaccines or lose your job.  Think about it; do you really want to give those who campaign on “unity is power” the power they crave?  They are oligarchs who seek power, not people who have a vision to keep America the country that gives hope to her citizens.  Be strong, don’t let those who campaign on “unity is our power” gain an even greater hold on the political system that seeks to empower her people not the elected officials.  Power is two-fold; once we have felt the negativity of craved power; we must use our ability and power as parents to regain the Republic our Founding Fathers foresaw when they established the greatest county ever.

Larry Sabato has had an excessive amount of the democratic “Kool-Aid” or should I say the “Unity is our Power” “Kool-Aid” to believe what he saying on MSNBC.  It really is pitiful that a nationally known political scientist and political analyst would stoop to this level.

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