Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses the Party’s Vote NO initiative on the statewide proposals on the back of the ballot, taking back the House in 2022 and our CPNYS 2021 Fall Reception.

Vote NO on Propositions 1, 3, and 4

With the early voting period ending Sunday, October 31 and election day Tuesday, November 2, it is critical that you make a plan, grab a family member or friend and go vote. We cannot afford to sit this one out as we are on the brink of flipping NYC Council seats and other offices statewide. This can only be done with you, the voter, turning out in large numbers.

This year, you will also find ballot propositions on the back of your ballot. It is critically important that you flip your ballot and vote NO on propositions 1, 3, and 4. These propositions are Democratic power grabs that make our elections less secure and give the Democrats final authority when it comes to drawing new district lines.

The direction our state is headed in is worrisome to say the least. From Buffalo to New York City, self-proclaimed socialists are running and winning elections at an alarming rate. Voting no on propositions 1, 3, and 4 (that seeks to eliminate the safeguards built into the law that ensures Republicans have an equal role at the Independent Commission [#1], enables same day voter registration [#3] and provides for no excuse absentee voting [#4]; will defeat these ballot overreaching measures and voters will send a clear message that we’re paying attention and we have had enough.

Regaining the House Majority

A poll released this week shows Republicans are in a strong position to be the majority party after the 2022 midterms. This is welcomed news as the first nine months of the Biden Presidency and the 117th Congress has proven to be what we all knew it would be—a disaster for the American people and our pockets.

Here in New York, we have much to be excited about with the candidacy of good, honest public servants such as Colin Schmitt and Marc Molinaro, in addition to strong incumbents such as Elise Stefanik, Chris Jacobs, Andrew Garbarino, and Nicole Malliotakis. We have our work cut out for us and have no time for complacency.

We have much to be concerned about next year, as Congress will surely look to push through another dangerous agenda. Congress has already set the middle class back and is sure to do more harm as our economy has slowed and inflation has risen with no end in sight. Regaining the majority we will have the opportunity, once again, to clean up the mess Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues have left.

CPNYS 2021 Fall Reception

 I want to thank everyone who was in attendance in Westchester last night for our fall reception. It was a pleasure being together; as we, you and I, look forward to returning our annual event to our customary sit down dinner format in 2022.

Your support allows us to keep advocating on behalf of taxpaying New Yorker’s that want to feel safe in their communities, raise their families here in New York and wish to live their lives without constant government interference.

We look forward to the future and increasing the nearly 300,000 votes that were cast on the Conservative Party line in the 2020 election. We plan on playing a big role in the 2022 midterms and being the decisive voting bloc that will be needed to push our candidates over the top and on to victory.

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