Do you ever think your government is leading you down the rabbit hole?

US Gasoline Prices Vault to New 7-Year High.

U.S. GDP Growth Slows Dramatically in Third Quarter.

Why Is America Financing the Chinese War Machine?

The Case for Vaccine Mandates—Refuted.

Ambulance, EMT first responders face ‘crippling workforce shortage’; and they are not the only public services that are facing this problem, Police and Fire Departments, 911 Call Centers, non-medical employees in hospitals, nursing home staff, we could go on and on, but you understand this is a “time-bomb” just waiting to explode.

NYC will pay a huge price for de Blasio’s vaccine mandate for police.

More disturbing news on the COVID-19 pandemic preparedness:  When COVID-19 struck, a lot of the state’s pandemic stockpile was out of date.

Parents Teaching or Government Indoctrination – You Choose.

Disgraceful:  Garland Refuses to Dissolve School-Board Task Force Despite National School Board Group Apology.  Is this what is influencing his decision:  AG Garland’s son-in-law’s education company supports critical race theory.  Imagine, for a moment, if former President Obama was able to get him confirmed as a Justice on the Supreme Court, fortunately he was not.

Merrick Garland repeatedly spars with Ted Cruz on whether he sought ethics review

AG Garland please note:  Parents Finally Catch On: Will Not Be Threatened.

Conspicuously missing in Facebook whistleblower dumps is any hint of worry about left-wing hate and lies.

Has America Gone Mad? Biden’s Presidency Now Being Met With Incredulity in Europe

Doesn’t this make you feel secure knowing this person will oversee elections:  Biden administration announces appointment of Republican to key election security role.  Me neither.

Dems’ Enronesque accounting is just one more sign of how inept the Biden ‘Build Back’ agenda truly is.

Dems plan billionaires’ unrealized gains tax to help fund $2T spending bill.

As clock ticks down, Manchin is the vote to get on spending plan.

Manchin raises concern over billionaire tax.  He should and so should every elected official in Congress.

Progressives scramble to save top priorities from chopping block.

Democrats still trying to get illegal immigrants provisions into stalled $3.5 trillion spending bill.

From The Hill (Wed. 10/28 at 10:30 AM) we note the time because it is a never ending drama that is subject to change at any time: What’s in and what’s out of the Biden framework.

From National Review on line:  Biden Admin Announces Reconciliation Framework in Last-Ditch Effort to Unite Caucus ahead of Foreign Trip.

Push for the ‘AOC Prevention Act’ to stop spending binge.

Stephen Moore’s Committee to Unleash Prosperity Issue 397 explains how Biden Budget Buster Destroys Over 8 Million Jobs.

When a person stoops to this level of low, they shouldn’t be elected dog catcher, let alone governor.

Mark Zuckerberg’s wife tries to clean up his image — good luck with that

Teaching Children to Recognize Propaganda.

Hope for America.

Sorry, Washington Post, But Parents Do Have Every Right to Shape Their Kids’ Curriculum.

Sen. Rick Scott: Suburban voters are rejecting Democrats’ radical agenda.