When anyone in the Biden Administration speaks, I can’t help but think of Fleetwood Mac’s 1987 Hit: Tell me lies…

Democrats’ massive spending plans will blow up US budget for generations.

Democrats fear fumbling on infrastructure will shock ‘flatlining’ Trump back to life.  Hmmm, Trump isn’t “flatlining” according to the latest polls and they – the Democrats – have no one to blame but themselves with their outrageous demands contained in the proposed infrastructure  bill.

Larry Kudlow writes about the Dynamic Duo: Manchin Is Loath To Spend, Sinema Resists Raising Taxes.

Pelosi breaks her word to moderates to appease the far left — again.

DCCC Chair Said Stimulus Would Fuel School Reopenings. In His District, It Hasn’t.

Rich Lowry: Anatomy of the White House lie on the border agent who ‘struck’ migrants.

Biden trades U.S. interests for globalist gains.

Victor Davis Hanson writes that At Home and Abroad Alike, Civilization Requires Deterrence.

Seth Barron writes how activists care more about teen killers than the teens they kill. While the activists are blind to the overall effects of the message they are sending, one must ask, where are their parents?  The government’s involvement in providing shelter, food, money has destroyed the family unit and has help create the moral morass that allows a 15 year-old to believe crime has little to no consequences and have no respect for the life of another young man.  Henry G. Bohn’s, A Hand-book of Proverbs is credited with the 1831 quote  in a newspaper, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” sadly today’s society has proved his ominous statement to be accurate.

Speaking of a decline in society, here is a must read article:  Hochul agrees to consider decriminalizing prostitution.  Assemblyman Richard Gottfried recalls how when he was a freshman member — nearly 50 years ago — how “some senior colleagues openly discussing how lobbyists arranged trysts with prostitutes for them.”  Now he is championing one of the bills looking to decriminalize prostitution. State Chairman Jerry Kassar reacted was: “There is nothing to study here,” Kassar said. “It’s an awful idea. It will create havoc in urban areas and stress throughout the state. You cannot decriminalize sex workers and not have a negative outcome.”

DEA warns of ‘alarming increase’ in fake prescription pills containing fentanyl.  The fake pills are commonly peddled on social media, making them easily accessible to minors (emphasis added), the DEA said.

The Daily Signal examines the 5 Supreme Court Cases to Watch in the 2021-22 Term.

Jen Psaki tows the administration’s line:  Psaki: It’s ‘Unfair And Absurd’ That Companies Would Raise Costs For Consumers Due To Higher Taxes.  Madam spokesperson:  Seriously, how gullible do you think the American public is?

When one first reads the headline one wonders how long they will remain “top generals;” as you read the article one understands that they, in all likelihood, are telling the truth, and the Commander-in-Chief tuned them out because 1) he was determined to end the war on his terms and 2) he doesn’t have the attention span of a gnat.

More on today’s hearing:  Milley Details Nancy Pelosi’s Attempt to Take Over the Chain-of-Command.

Follow Fox News for more on the ongoing hearing here.

Awesome dedication by Queens resident Coretta James should be emulated!

In case you don’t remember Fleetwood Mac’s Little Lies.