Who is running the current administration:  President Joe Biden, Pinocchio, or Coriolanus Snow?

House passes bill to codify Roe v. Wade in wake of Texas abortion law.  CPNYS salutes the NY Conservative endorsed House Members who rejected this bill and we thank them for standing up for our unborn children.  If you need to know more about the radical bill, read about it here.

‘Less Is More Act’ turns out to mean: Let ‘em loose.

An aftermath of Less is More Act?   Certainly, an aftermath of all the “criminal justice reforms” the democratic controlled City Council and NYS Legislature keep passing.  And then there is this:  Boy, 15, charged with killing 17-year-old in NYC weeks after gun bust.

Unfortunately, the current crime wave isn’t limited to NYS:  Homicides up 30 percent in largest increase on record, FBI says; Murders Soared 30 Percent in 2020 in Largest Annual Increase on Record.

Preacher Houchl says: ‘God wants you to be vaccinated’.  NEWS FLASH for Preacher/Governor Houchl: God does not want you to abort innocent unborn children.

I guess they didn’t get the Lt. Gov’s. message; Broadway folks bragged about forging COVID tests to go to Tonys parties.  (It must be so satisfying to be so superior to the people who pay to see you on Broadway.)

Biden said he wouldn’t raise your taxes. Washington is coming for your wallet anyway.

Biden White House’s lies a matter of life and death: Devine.

Biden Administration Moves to ‘Protect and Fortify’ DACA.

Alejandro Mayorkas’ 7 border lies

Mayorkas admits 12,000 Haitians released in US — and more could follow.

The Heritage Foundation examines the Biden Border Crisis. And the are hosting a virtual discussion on What Can States Do to Secure Their Borders on October 13 at Noon.  Use the link to sign up to take part.

The White House Is ‘A Little Tired’ of People Pointing Out Biden’s Border Crisis.  Did it ever occur to the WH, that Americans are a devastated by the crisis on the border; that America is being raided by those who have no respect for our laws and encouraged to do so by the Biden Administration.  The WH is tired of being told the truth…how arrogant.

Biden’s Del Rio Bridge Crisis: Far More Than Just Optics Problem.

Fresh proof Hunter Biden’s ‘work’ was always about selling influence over Joe.

Hunter Biden Brags About ‘Access To The Highest Level’ Of China In New Emails.

The Hunter Biden e-mail coverup is the clearest evidence yet of media corruption.

Thanks to Biden Administration, Iran Mullahs and Taliban Empowered.

Repulsive: John Kerry Accepts China’s Genocide to Get Climate Deal.

File this under “a glimmer of hope.”

An apology is knowing you did something wrong; asking for forgiveness is acknowledging what you did was unconscionable.  According to the article, Hinckley “apologies” doesn’t ask for forgiveness for what he did in 1981. “He apologizes to the Reagan family,” his lawyer added. “The president was a man of generous spirit and magnanimity. He apologizes to the family of Jim and Sarah Brady, whose lives were altered by what he did. He apologizes to the families of Secret Service Special Agent Tim McCarthy and Metropolitan Police Department Officer Thomas Delahanty.”  If he no longer suffers from the mental illness that caused the horrendous act, shouldn’t he be asking for forgiveness?

The White Backlash That Wasn’t.

EXCLUSIVE: Pentagon loosens access rules to secret programs, raising security leak fears.

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ takeover of American health care/Who should make decisions about your medical care?

Robert Knight opines in the Washington Times:  Biden’s presidential dereliction of duty.