Howard Zucker is resigning; Hochul gives the author of the memo responsible for thousands of nursing home deaths a pat on the back.

Howard Zucker, NY health commissioner who oversaw Cuomo nursing home scandal, resigns.  The caveat is “as soon as a replacement can be found.”  Seriously, there is no one in the NYS Department of Health that can act as an interim commissioner while the DOH finds a new qualified commissioner?  He will be paid while the search for a replacement (upward of $136,000) is found and rest assured he will be able to collect his pension.  Hochul said: “He also has an opportunity to move on to new ventures and I appreciate him his service.”  Has Gov. Hochul forgotten it was his DOH memo that sent those with COVID-19 back to nursing homes knowing full well that it would spread like “fire through dry grass?”

How not to show your constituents they are your priority;  Foreign workers could replace NY’s unvaccinated hospital, nursing home staffers: Hochul

As leaves turn, NY’s post-pandemic recovery still has very far to go.

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Wow!  Ben & Jerry’s releases ‘Change is Brewing’ flavor with Rep. Cori Bush.  Pretty sad for a company to do this after benefiting from the safety that law enforcement provides.  Ben & Jerry isn’t the only “woke” company out there; are you aware of this: True Privilege/CVS launches a program that forces hourly employees to discuss their “privilege.”

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RIP, Angelo Codevilla, the conservative thinker who took on the ruling class.

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