Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses the reapportionment maps, the NYC Council Bill that puts tenants at risk and General Milley.

Reapportionment Maps Released

Initial maps were released Wednesday afternoon for congress and the state legislature by the supposed independent commission and as we quickly learned, nothing was independent about the process. The end result was two maps, a democratic version and a GOP version.  The GOP version reflected provisions of the New York State constitution and jurisprudence over the past decade.  The democratic version had the fingerprints of New York and National Democrats all over it.

National and State Democrats are aware their chances of retaining the majority in DC at the ballot box are unlikely, so they implemented a New York power grab in an attempt to cling on to power in Washington, DC.

The GOP had been working with the democrats to produce fair lines, but those communications broke down late last week after outside democratic forces intervened to make the entire process political. The bottom line is that the democratic maps were egregiously drawn in such a manner that they violate the spirit of the State Constitution’s reapportionment provision, if not the law outright.

The Conservative Party will be working with its allies in the GOP to produce fair, more representative legislative lines.

NYC Council Bill Puts Tenants at Risk

The Conservative Party organizations representing the five counties of New York City stand strongly against City Council Intro. 2047 which would prohibit landlords from conducting criminal background checks on residential tenants, including those in co-operatives and condominiums.

Intro. 2047 is a typical progressive agenda item that gives zero thought to the resulting consequences to landlords and tenants alike.

“With crime already on the rise, this proposal only further endangers the safety and security of our communities,” said Kings County Chairwoman Frances T. Vella-Marrone.

Tenants should expect landlords to have done their due diligence in providing a safe environment. And property owners have the right to all background information both financially and criminally when making decisions concerning potential tenants.

The City Council continues to invent new ways to prioritize everyone except the law abiding residents of New York City. This is another recipe for disaster.  Read the press release here.

 General Milley Accused of Secret Calls with China

 In a bombshell revelation General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, is accused of holding two secret phone calls with top Chinese military officials while serving under Commander-In-Chief Donald Trump.

According to the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, General Milley went as far as to promise to tip off Beijing if the United States was planning an attack. If these accusations are true, Milley must resign or be fired immediately with treason charges to follow.

Woodward and Costa didn’t stop there as they go on to say General Milley ordered senior military officials not to take any orders from President Trump unless he approved them first.

These are accusations not becoming of a top military official and the Biden administration should take the accusations serious as they could have major national security implications.

For weeks since the beginning of the Afghanistan debacle, I have been calling for General Milley, SECDEF Austin and Secretary of State Blinken to resign over the lies they have delivered to the people, the American citizens they left behind, and overseeing the biggest foreign policy failure this nation has seen in more than a decade.

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