Our Founding Fathers knew those elected to represent their fellow citizens might abuse that power … far too many of today’s elected officials have proven that fear all to real.

‘Ethics’ panel clearing Cuomo exposes Hochul as part of Albany corruption problem.

Some things never change (as noted above in today’s NY Post editorial); if you believe Gov.  Hochul, we have a bridge to sell you.  Hochul ‘literally’ doesn’t know appointee who let Cuomo keep $5.1M book deal.

Seriously, aren’t you a little late Governor?  Hochul calls for changes at New York’s ethics commission

New York state government ponders whether it can police itself.  (It hasn’t been able to so far…the only time they react is when criminal charges are impending; the ethics commissions are a joke and have been stacked with those who sweep problems under the rug the exception are the few that resigned.)

Pols are rolling over for Big Pot, having learned nothing from opioids.

Politics Are Killing Medicine.

Border Agents Encounter 200,000 Migrants in August as Crisis Drags On.

Rick Hinshaw:  Texas Law is Saving Lives.

Abortion Clinic’s Supreme Court Defense Rests on Debunked Study.

From Gatestone Institute:  Surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban: Who Is Managing Biden?

Also, these are from the Gatestone Institute:  Why Arabs Do Not Trust the Biden Administration; China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Bad News for Human Rights.

Democrats propose ‘exceedingly regressive’ tobacco and nicotine tax hikes.

3 Glaring Problems With Congress’s Plan to Raise Taxes on Cigarettes and Vaping. How High Tax Rates Make Poor People Government Dependent.

White House chief of staff tells Wall Street titans $3.5 trillion spending plan will ‘cost zero’.  Ron Klain must really think the Wall Street titans and the rest of America live in his make-believe world that increasing taxes will “cost zero.”  Klain said “We have found a way to pay for every part of the spending with taxes.”  ”The proposal unveiled by House Democrats on Monday looks to hike taxes substantially (emphasis added) including raising the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 26.5 percent, hiking the capital gains tax rate from 20 percent to 25 percent, and increasing the top individual income tax rate rate from 37 percent to 39.6 percent.   But according the Mr. Klain, the spending plan will cost zero.  Another Biden Administration person who lives in Never-Never Land.

There’s (Cradle to) Grave Waste in Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan.

From National Reviews editorial board:  Revenue and Revenge.

Polling about country’s direction raises red flags for Biden and Democrats.

McLaughlin Poll: Biden Numbers ‘Crater,’ US Worried, Kamala Not Liked.

Biden has made the world’s deadliest terrorists great again.

If you were Hunter Biden’s father, wouldn’t this be reason enough to end the border crisis?  Fentanyl Smuggling Surges at Border

From City and State’s headline –  surprisingly honest:  The bipartisan commission released draft maps that were, well, pretty partisan.  More on redistricting here:  GOP fears Dem leaders will steamroll independent redistricting; New York redistricting commission releases two sets of maps; Draft NY plan would merge districts of GOP Reps. John Katko, Claudia Tenney; Partisan stalemate emerges in New York’s redistricting; How CNY congressional districts would change in proposed NY maps; A look at Democratic and Republican redistricting plans for New York; Democrats look to cut half of NY’s GOP House members under gerrymander; Dems, GOP on NY Redistricting Panel Can’t Agree on New Maps, Release Competing Versions; Dems seek to ‘knock out’ up to five GOP members of congress in NY; Competing maps released as redistricting panel splits along partisan lines; Takeaways from New York’s (competing!) redistricting draft maps; NYPIRG’s Blair Horner weighs in on draft redistricting maps; and finally this article:  ‘Weird stuff:’ New York releases rough drafts of new district lines which Joe Mahoney clearly states “It’s clear that they’re far from a finished product.”  Stay tuned.

From the Wall Street Journal (subscription required):  Europe’s Climate Lesson for America

Leaked Zoom Video Reveals Hospital Officials Discussing COVID-19 Scare Tactics.

Dr. Fauci, ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’.

Free Speech Is the Ultimate Truth.

There was a time when the ACLU would have been in court over this:  Amazon Blocks Ad for Book Investigating Black Lives Matter.

Apple couldn’t find anyone else?  Apple hires ex-Cuomo PR chief who helped gov fight sex-harass allegations  (His job description is unknown.)

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