Why is it that elected officials forget/ignore that they work for us?

If anyone thought things would change in New York with Andrew Cuomo gone, you were sadly mistaken.  Gov. Hochul apparently has the same disdain for the First Amendment that made Andrew Cuomo so arrogant and self-righteous.  NY Governor Calls on Facebook to Crack Down on Pro-Lifers.  Governor Hochul: New Yorkers do not have the patience for another elected official who believes they are morally superior to those they serve.

FEC defends Twitter over Hunter Biden censorship in a decision based on lies.

The Myth That Hurricanes Are Getting Worse (Because of Climate Change).

Biden’s clashes with own experts over COVID booster shots undermine promise to ‘follow the science’

House Progressives Unveil Massive Multi-Trillion-Dollar Tax Hike—Here’s How It’ll Impact You.

Don’t Lose the Forest Through the Trees: Tax Hikes Will Harm the Economy and American Workers

Rich Lowry opines in the NY Post:  Dems’ bid to tax $2.2T from rich and big biz will be middle class warfare.

Charles C. W. Cooke writes:  Dear Democrats: Kill the Spending Bill.

Larry Kudlow asks the question:  Could Common Sense Yet Prevail Over Biden’s Plan for Taxing and Spending?

Blinken hearing: Democrats rush to defend Biden’s deadly Afghanistan withdrawal.

Republicans Grill Blinken on Afghanistan, Democrats Blame Trump.

Blinken left tongue-tied over Hunter Biden question during House hearing.

Blinken slammed for testifying virtually: ‘Couldn’t be bothered to come down here’.

Blinken faces Congress on Afghanistan withdrawal amid GOP criticism.

Blinken Admits: ‘Several Thousand’ Americans Stranded Behind Enemy.

Rep. Lee Zeldin Has a Suggestion for Blinken on How He Can Show Leadership.

Top Democrat Blasts Defense Secretary After Failing to Show Up for Testimony.

Senate Democrats unveil new voting rights bill.

Giving the Taliban International Legitimacy Would Be a Disastrous Mistake

Nearly 8 Million Illegal Immigrants to Get Amnesty Under Biden’s Budget Resolution Says House GOP.

Dinesh D’Souza opines on 4 Glaring Inconsistencies in progressive and liberal condemnation of the Texas (pro-baby) law.

Wokeness: An Evil of Our Age.

I’m not a big fan of Bill Maher, but lately he is saying somethings I agree with:  Bill Maher Hits NFL Over Black National Anthem Performance: ‘We Should Have One National Anthem’.

Enjoy this incredible half-time tribute by the Michigan Marching Wolverines performed on Sept 11. 2021.