Chairman Kassar discusses the new Lt. Governor, the federal spending plan and the disaster in Afghanistan.

New Lt. Governor Wants to Defund the Police

Governor Hochul has selected her Lt. Governor, and it’s much of the same. Not surprising from the woman who turned a blind eye towards Andrew Cuomo’s misdeeds for years.

“I support the movement to defund the police” current State Senator and incoming Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin said in January of this year. 2021 has seen a 7.1% increase in shooting incidents while murders are on pace to surpass the 2020 total.

Senator Benjamin has been on the wrong side of every issue plaguing our city from criminal bail reform, to defunding the police. He has taken every far left political position possible and his selection as Lt. Governor is indicative of the type of Governing we can expect from Governor Hochul.

Speaking of Governor Hochul, her admission that 12,000 more New Yorkers have perished from Covid-19 than previously reported — bringing the current grim tally to more than 55,000 — begs the question: Why is she only telling us now?

Governor Hochul served as New York’s Lt. Governor from 2015 until yesterday, and, as the state’s second in command, she clearly had to know — or should have known — the true Covid death toll in the state. So why did she stay silent as Governor Cuomo hid these numbers? Did her pledge to be transparent begin only yesterday?

Read my full statement on Senator Benjamin here.

GOP Votes no on 3.5 Trillion Spending Plan

 Our eight Conservative Party endorsed members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted no on Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s latest tax payer funded wish list.

The New York eight joined 204 of their GOP colleagues, falling just short of killing the bill as no Democrats joined with Republicans. More evidence to support how crucial the 2022 election cycle is for Republicans.

The bill includes $100 billion for amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, doubles the size of the IRS, taking more of your money to pay for their operations, and increases the national debt to $45 trillion by the year 2031.

Party leaders say they hope to finish work on a spending bill by Oct. 1, leaving just weeks to address serious concerns among moderates over the cost of Biden’s spending plans.

Disaster in Afghanistan

 On behalf of the Conservative Party, I extend our deepest condolences to the families of the 13 service members lost in yesterday’s suicide bombing attacks. We remain eternally grateful for our men and women of the United States Armed Forces.

The truth of the matter is this, this entire calamity in Afghanistan was completely avoidable. Joe Biden’s plan and execution was inept, hastily done, and ignored the advice of many military leaders and experts.

Under Biden, America feels less and less like a superpower every day. Under Biden we are openly mocked and laughed at on the world stage, this after only 7 months of his administration.

We have gone from eradicating ISIS and putting fear in terrorists everywhere, to taking orders from the Taliban on what they will and will not allow Americans to do.

In the face of immense pressure, our President hides within the confines of the White House while the American people receive more updates from foreign government than their own Commander-In-Chief.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio said it best, “This morning the President of the United States should inform the Taliban that we will be in Afghanistan until everyone we & our allies plan to evacuate is accounted for & out of the country. If they cooperate it should be swift & orderly.

If they get in the way they will be killed.”

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