These are troubling times…but Americans can and will recapture what made us the inspiration for so many throughout our history.

So typical of Andrew Cuomo:  Disgraced Gov. Andrew Cuomo decries ‘unfair’ treatment as he bids farewell.  Bye Andy, you won’t be missed.

All eyes are on Afghanistan but the border crisis hasn’t gone away.

From the Gatestone Institute:  Night Falls on Afghanistan: Again.

Massive veterans group uses intel, satellite images to direct Afghan interpreters around Taliban checkpoints.

Iran Mullahs Closer Than Ever to Obtaining Nuclear Weapons.

Gordon Chang: China-Taliban connection – we must hold Beijing accountable for Afghan militants’ crimes.

As a person who loves and respects America, it saddens me to link to this article.  I did not vote for Joe Biden, we disagree on most policy issues almost all the time, yet, seeing this headline, grieves me. Today’s world that has seen far too much terrorism and the debacle happening in Afghanistan now, tells our enemies that we are weak.   Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal shows a disengaged, befuddled president.  We did not become the beacon of freedom because we had a president so disengaged from his own appointees that he overrides their advice.  Americans must come together and save our nation from the possibility of another catastrophic September 11th attack on our land or any other place.  Graham Allen lays it out well in his accurate and excellent August 21 Op-Ed in the NY Post:  Our polarized country needs to rebuild the unity we felt on Sept. 12, 2001 for if we don’t, America will collapse from within.

The First Step in Saving Our Military.

Guy Benson writes in  The ‘Science’ Behind School Masking Suffers Another Blow.

Well, this is unsettling:  Nearly 15 Million Mail-in-Ballots Unaccounted for in 2020 Election, Report Says.

It’s still true: the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

While all the news these days are discouraging and gloomy, remember this:  Freedom Always Wins.