Chairman Kassar discusses: the Biden Afghanistan Debacle, Inflation and the Assembly About Face

Biden Administration Withdrawal Failure

The withdrawal became a retreat, the retreat became a rout, the rout became a defeat. The Biden Administration either had no plan, or a horribly bad plan, to withdraw our troops, allies and citizens from Afghanistan.

Joe Biden has now, more than ever, proven he is a first-class foreign relations disaster as President. As the Taliban overthrew a government and gained control of Afghanistan, Joe Biden was no where to be found. He spent the first 72 hours in hiding as mid-level press flacks addressed the nation on the biggest international news story in a decade.

When Biden did speak, he said he had “no regrets” on any of the decisions he made. Chilling words from a President of the United States which still has thousands of its citizens trapped in Afghanistan and a State Department informing them they cannot ensure safe passage to Karzai International airport.

Senior military and State Department officials have claimed they advised President Biden that imminent danger for American citizens and the Afghanistan people was ahead, but he ignored the intel. He ignored his Joint Chiefs, his Generals and his top Middle East experts.

It should not be forgotten that while American lives are at stake, Joe Biden blamed Donald Trump who is now a private citizen living in Florida.

Joe Biden owns this disaster. No one else.


A little inflation is healthy. It greases the economic engine and leads to growth. Enter Joe Biden and the inflation we have been experiencing at an unhealthy level and getting worse by the day.

According to AAA the national gas price sits at an average of $3.17. Here in New York, the average gallon of gas is $3.22 and in California it sits at a shocking $4.40.

The cost of living doesn’t end there. We have seen it at the supermarket and soon we will see it at our banks in the form of mortgages and other types of loans.

As inflation far exceeds wage gains, economists warn we are sitting on an inflation time bomb.

U.S. wages grew at a 4% year-over-year pace in July, but trailed the 5.4% annual increase in inflation suggesting that while nominal wages are rising, real wages are falling. This does nothing but leave working families in the dust.

“Call it the ‘Biden pay cut,’” said Alfredo Ortiz, CEO of the Job Creators Network, a conservative U.S. advocacy group. “Rapid inflation and declining real wages are the direct result of the Biden administration’s historic spending that is overheating the economy and creating disincentives to work.”

Assembly Does About Face

As a result of an outcry from the GOP members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, Assembly Democrats will not get away with sweeping their investigation of Andrew Cuomo under the rug.

It is believed that Governor Cuomo wanted protection from impeachment if he agreed to resign.  The Democrats were happy to oblige but quitting his day job as Governor doesn’t erase his criminal and civil liabilities.

The investigation will now be completed, and a report issued. This will go a long way to ensuring that Andrew Cuomo is held accountable for his actions. No one is above the law.

Resigning simply took him off the taxpayer payroll. Justice will only come about through a full airing of the many wrongs he and his senior staff made over the years.

It is shameful that the Democratic Assembly attempted to do him one last favor.

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