Unless lighting strikes, the good news is Cuomo will be out of office in 6 days; but, the bad news is Biden still has 1254 days until he is out of office.

From the New York Sun: Obituary for Afghanistan

Afghanistan falls in chaos: Five takeaways.

Biden Defends Afghanistan Pullout amid Chaos in Kabul, Acknowledges Taliban Takeover Caught U.S. by Surprise.

Then there is this:  Report Reveals Just How Much Biden Lied to Us on Afghanistan.  From National Review:  Intel Agencies Warned of Afghan Collapse as Biden Publicly Downplayed Possibility

Biden vs. Biden: Speech defending bungled Afghan exit exposes inconsistency and inaccuracy.

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Pollster: Biden receives F grade from independents for Afghanistan speech.

Was this reporter actually watching Biden’s remarks or drinking the spiked “Kool-Aid” he was selling?  MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace: ’95 percent of Americans Will Agree’ with Biden’s Afghanistan Remarks.

Taliban leader released from Gitmo under President Obama


Pentagon Warns of Worsening Terrorist Threat After Taliban Takes Over Afghanistan

Ex-SEAL who killed bin Laden blasts Biden, calls on Gen. Milley to resign.

Unfortunately, there are 1245 days left in the Biden Administration

Cuomo may, make that should, face more alleged misconduct: Assembly asked to investigate botched handling of ethics case involving ex-Cuomo aide.

How toxic is Andrew Cuomo now?  Enough to have a top PR firm scrub took steps to distance itself from scandal-plagued Cuomo.

Churchill: Fear of further revelations spurred Cuomo to quit.

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A superb video dissection of critical race theory.

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”  Edmund Burke.