Term limits needed now more than ever…

Governor Cuomo’s resignation must not be the end of the impeachment process nor the other investigations that are ongoing.  His resignation announcement was pathetic; a disservice to all New Yorkers and to put it bluntly a crock of manure.  New Yorkers must not accept his resignation as enough penance for all that he has done to undermine quality of life for all New Yorkers and especially those who had the fortitude to come forward. 

Lest we forget:  Some 15,000 dead seniors and 11 harassment victims later, Andrew Cuomo finally resigns in disgrace as New York governor.

E.J. McMahon writes in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required): Andrew Cuomo Is Gone, His Economic Mismanagement Not Forgotten.

Ronan Farrow writes about Andrew Cuomo’s War Against a Federal Prosecutor in the New Yorker.

Read this article before you believe that the incoming governor will solve New York’s problems.  Did she write her own press releases, or did the current governor’s machine write and issue for her?  Either way it is a problem for her.  For years, Kathy Hochul praised creepy Andrew Cuomo as a protector of women.  What is telling in this article is the last sentence, “Reps for Hochul did not immediately respond to requests for comment.”

From the Albany Times Union:  Hochul plots course as incoming governor after Cuomo’s resignation/ Says her administration will never be called “toxic.”  Did anyone expect her to say it would be toxic?  Amazing how one could be involved with the Cuomo Administration and not be aware of the toxicity permeating on the 2nd Floor of the State Capitol…Albany has never been known as a place where “secrets” are secret.  The Cuomo Administration was well known for its bullying tactics, in fact he was quite proud of them.

Hochul promises to ‘fight like hell’ for New York…like she did when she dutifully praised the governor as a protector of women?

In case you want to know what happens to The Gov’s pension.

Empire Center Appeals COVID FOIL Request Delays.

America needs term limits in every level of government!!

Some background:  “Washington’s voluntary decision to decline a third term was also seen by many people as a safeguard against the type of tyrannical power yielded by the British crown during the Colonial era.”

“… talk about a presidential term-limits amendment started in 1944 when Republican candidate Thomas Dewey said a potential 16-year term for Roosevelt was a threat to democracy. In a speech in Buffalo on October 31, 1944, Dewey said, “four terms or sixteen years is the most dangerous threat to our freedom ever proposed. That is one reason why I believe that two terms must be established as the limit by constitutional amendment.”  The 22nd Constitutional Amendment was introduced March 24, 1947 and became law on February 27, 1951.

Charles Ellis Schumer was born November 23, 1950, graduated as valedictorian, went on to Harvard and Harvard Law School and earned his law degree in 1974, passed the bar in 1975 but never practiced law. He was first elected in 1974 and has held elected office since then.   His only job outside of being an elected official was during high school.  (New York Senator Chuck Schumer actually worked for Kaplan – his first job – spinning off test prep materials on the mimeograph machine.)  Sen. Schumer’s father owned a small exterminating business that young Schumer thought was a huge albatross around his neck.   Obviously, it was hard work, long days, little time off as anyone who owns their own business knows.  That and his only job apparently soured the soon to be US Senator on being his own entrepreneur, like  Bill Gates, Peter Theil, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk,  and the countless others that have created businesses providing jobs for others.  Senator Charles Schumer never had to meet a payroll, pay for health insurance, create an atmosphere that supported what made the greatest nation in the world; he chose to be an elected official and tell us how we must use our hard earned paychecks…every day since 1974!

If ever there was a person that personified the need for term limits it is the current Majority Leader of the US Senate.

The Washington Examiner opines about Biden’s radical remaking of America.

Driving another nail into America’s coffin:  Biden to deliver ‘forceful’ call for Congress to lower drug prices.

Producer prices soar 7.8% annually in July, most on record

China: Crisis-Testing US Presidents.

Europe: Mass Protests Against Covid-19 Vaccine ‘Passports’

Infrastructure Bill Implements Green New Deal Via Corporate Welfare.

Soccer Legend Carli Lloyd Stands for America In An Era So Few Top Athletes Will.

From The Fulcrum:  Claims of voter suppression in newly enacted state laws don’t all hold up under closer review.