Start the countdown: 14 days from today Governor Andrew Cuomo will be former Governor Cuomo!

Start the countdown:  14 days from today Governor Andrew Cuomo will be former Governor Cuomo!  Read Chairman Kassar’s statement here.  Watch Andrew Cuomo’s disingenuous resignation speech here.

“Two more women approached the state Attorney General’s Office with allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo after Attorney General Letitia James released her sexual harassment report against him last week,” reported the evening edition’s NY Post of August 9. 2021.

Tom Precious writes in the Buffalo News:  Assembly to move ‘with all due haste’ in impeachment process against CuomoThe question becomes will they since they are supposedly investigating other potential crimes or will they be spineless and let others do the work they are charged with. 

Cuomo detractors say resignation shouldn’t be end of scandal, governor should be ‘prosecuted and arrested.

One awful bill, one terrible bill: Hope that Dems’ double-dealing dooms them both.

Sen. Bill Hagerty writes in the Washington Examiner:  We must rein in partisan government spending.

The 18 RINO’s (or GOP surrender monkeys, as Mr. Moore calls them) who voted to invoke cloture (and move the bill through the Senate) are listed here in Stephen Moore’s Committee to Unleash Prosperity.     His essays always have very useful information; you can sign up at the bottom of the column.

Here are the key parts of Democrats’ $3.5T budget resolution they aim to pass without Republican votes.

Dem Budget Includes Green Card Giveaway, Mass Amnesty.  “The new budget proposal from Senate Democrats will dramatically increase the number of available green cards and include amnesty for illegal immigrants, according to an official fact sheet on the $3.5 trillion budget circulated by leadership.”

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Maria Bartiromo on this past weekend on ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ on business in China, infrastructure bill.

The Children of H&M.  A woke corporate ad campaign shows that there are many ways to exploit the young.