Will Governor Andrew Cuomo survive his decent down the rabbit hole he generated?

Gov. Cuomo making last-ditch attempt to avoid impeachment.

Watch the Press Conference regarding the articles of impeachment against NY Gov. Cuomo after the Judiciary Committee Meeting earlier today.

When Alan Chartock writes this headline – Alan Chartock: Cuomo brought this upon himself – the Governor knows he has a real problem.

‘What he did to me was a crime’: Cuomo accuser goes public with groping allegations.

Cuomo top aide Melissa DeRosa resigns as governor faces potential impeachment.

Even Peter Lucas of the Boston Herald understands the arrogance of Governor Andrew Cuomo:  Lucas: Don’t expect arrogant Gov. Cuomo to go quietly.

Nine (other) scandals of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo

E. J. McMahon explains in the City-Journal the Anatomy of an Albany Budget Blowout.

While allegedly harassing women, Cuomo also abused state resources.

Seth Barron opines in the NY Post:  Good riddance to fake-moderate Cuomo, but beware hard left’s pounce

From the Gatestone Institute:  To Biden Administration: No Visa, No Negotiations with Iran Regime’s Mass Murderer.

New CDC Data Eviscerates Their Narrative on Mask Mandates for the Vaccinated.

It was only a matter of time:  Female Inmate Pregnant After Being Forced to Share Prison with Biological Men Claiming to Be Transgender.

Buttigieg defends infrastructure bill after analysis shows $351B in deficit spending.

Congress Continues Spending Spree with Irresponsible Infrastructure Deal

Fact-Checking 4 Claims About COVID-19 in Florida Spike.

Why the Border Crisis Is Here to Stay.

Ben Shapiro Masterfully Breaks Down Critical Race Theory on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Judge Defends Equal Justice Against Tide of Critical Race Theory, Disparate Impact.  Kudos to Judge Ho.

CRT Shares the Same Ideology as China’s Cultural Revolution, Chinese American Warns.

Alveda King: Critical race theory – why it’s absolutely critical to know these facts.

Bias by Omission: 1619 Project Ignores Democratic Party’s History of Racism.

Once renowned for its fierce protection of the privacy of their users, Apple now plans to scan your iPhone.   Watchdogs Sound Alarm After Apple Reveals Plan to Upload Software To iPhones That Scans User’s Photos.

Inflation and the Price of Goods: What to Buy Now and What to Avoid.