Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses the AG’s Report, The Vaccination Card Mandate and Biden’s super-spreader border crisis

Cuomo found to have committed State and Federal crimes

 On Tuesday, the New York attorney general’s office announced officially what we have all known for a long time—Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women.

Attorney General Letitia James and investigators found that Cuomo harassed both current and former state employees, as well as a host of women outside of state government, engaging in “unwelcome and nonconsensual touching, making “suggestive” sexual comments and creating a “hostile environment” for women.

Since the findings of the scathing report was released Conservatives, Republicans, and Democrats alike have called on Governor Cuomo to resign. As of this morning, 41 out of the 62 Democrat County chairs in New York have also called for the disgraced Governors resignation, echoing the sentiments of both the Democratic majority leaders in the Senate, Assembly and even President Joe Biden.

The Governor has remained mostly silent and out of sight since the release of the AG report, choosing instead to huddle with his closest advisors and showing no intentions of resigning.

However, it would appear the Governor won’t be the Governor much longer as the Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Carl Heastie, vowed to move impeachment proceedings along expeditiously.

The clock is soon to strike midnight on the Cuomo family and his enablers.

Vaccination Card Mandate

 Mayor Bill de Blasio announced earlier this week that proof of vaccination will be required for indoor dining, gyms, and social venues starting on August 16th.

The mandate has been met with swift opposition as lawsuits have already been filed and many more are to follow.

The decision by the mayor will have a substantial impact in the minority communities as nearly 70% of African Americans and 58% of Latinos citywide are not fully vaccinated This policy does nothing but place additional burdens on businesses still struggling to recover from shutdowns and creates tension between different communities based on their vaccination status.

Under no circumstance should anyone be forced to disclose their medical history or records in order to simply dine in a restaurant or visit a gym.

 Biden’s Super Spreader Border

Come August 16th it will be easier to migrate to the United States illegally than it will be to dine inside a New York City restaurant.

More illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border into the United States than the population of some major American cities including: Boston, Washington, D.C, San Francisco, Seattle and Denver.

While the CDC and White House continue to push mask mandates and vaccination passports, COVID-19 positive immigrants are entering the country in record numbers – and bussed across the United States — further complicating our battle with the virus and making it evidently clear they have no control over the border, nor do they truly care about the safety and health of the American people.

Our southern border is a humanitarian and public health crisis that is growing worse by the day. The Biden administration is responsible for the largest super spreader event and refuses to act by closing the border in the interest of national health concerns.

Pay close attention as your government continues to mandate how you live your lives due to issues caused by the same Government that does little to protect the health and safety of its citizens.

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