Governor Andrew Cuomo is in total denial; continues to make excuses for his conduct.

Governor Cuomo, the photos you used in your live press statement, were taken in public places with people who were more than willing to be welcomed in your established manner; there is NO comparison with a very public display and what happened in the privacy of the encounters as described to the Attorney General’s investigators.

Your press conference, was undoubtedly designed to provide an explanation of your egregious behavior, it did not.  In fact, it made it even more egregious, now that we know you have personal knowledge of sexual misconduct.  Nothing you can say, do, ask forgiveness for, will change the fact that you crossed the line.  As you noted, you are the Governor of New York State, and while only “human” like the 19 million people who live in New York State, as Governor you are expected to be a leader – a person to set a good example — not a debaucher who believes he is permitted to caress an assistant in your employ or the general public.

The Attorney General’s report noted New York governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, among them current and former state employees, in violation of federal and state law, yet stated the report is “is civil in nature and does not have criminal consequences.”  National Review is reporting that Anne Clark, one of the lead investigators for the probe, said prosecutors may look at the evidence contained in the report and determine whether to press charges.

It is imperative that criminal charges are filed; if not, how will any person ever have faith that they will be protected from such unwarranted, harassing and degrading actions by an employer, or for that matter another individual.

Governor Cuomo stated, in his presser, he will have yet another training session for himself and employees.  With out his resigning and facing criminal charges it will just as meaningless as the one state employees are required to take now.

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Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women in violation of state and federal law, NY AG finds.

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