The WOKE world is becoming a nightmare…

Scott Walker opines in the Washington Times on The life lessons that shaped Ronald Reagan.

Charles C. W. Cooke writes in National Review that COVID-19 Has Given Us Progressivism Unleashed.

Imagine If They Hadn’t Lied to Us for The Last 18 Months

Gordon G. Chang:  China Ambushes Top American Diplomat.

Analysis: NYS’ personal income tax levy more than twice the amount of national average

Is it possible that comedy, by liberal comedians, may be the answer to cancel culture:  Liberal Twitter Up in Arms as Bill Maher Trends Again for Mercilessly Mocking the Woke Left. There is more on Bill Maher reaction in the Daily Wire.

Pete Hoekstra writes about Freedom of Speech: A Vulnerable Right in Gatestone Institute.

Cuomo Is Begging New Yorkers to Come Home, But Why Would They?

Judson Berger writes in National Reviews:  Our Decadent, Reckless Government.

Schumer: Democrats ‘on track’ to pass bipartisan deal, $3.5T budget.

As Expected, the ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Is Packed with Liberal Absurdities.

The evidence is clear: Democrats are pushing America toward economic disaster.

Voters are rightly blaming Biden for inflation.

Larry Kudlow asks the question in the NY Sun:  Will Schumer ‘Go Pelosi’ on Masks? And Mysteries of the Democrats.

This headline, in the Chicago Sun-Times, is discouraging:  Over 1,000 victims, 126 dead, just 2 convictions (emphasis added): 6 years of mass shootings in Chicago.

Chris Farrell writes about Betraying the Cuban People, Again in Gatestone Institute.

A Liberal Pop Star Just Condemned Socialist Tyranny in Cuba.

Living With Lenin.

I would say that the NY Times has lost its pride in America with when it printed a guest essay piece blaring this headline; however, Mark R. Levin writes in his latest book American Marxism (Chapter 6) that the NY Times always leaned to the far left.  Watch Mark Levin’s July 31, 2021 Fox News program here.

Does anyone (besides the Biden family) really have any doubt that there was a real probability of a COVID-19 lab leak?  Wuhan lab report questions reasoning behind air safety and waste treatment systems renovations.  More on this report here: Republican investigation reportedly ‘proves’ COVID leaked from Wuhan lab. One more on this bombshell report;  Rep. McCaul on House GOP’s bombshell Wuhan lab report: ‘Greatest cover-up in human history’

Dr. Fauci, you are not the only disease expert!  Disease Expert Tells CNN: Most Masks Don’t Really Work Against Wuhan Coronavirus.

Robert Knight writes about The COVID-19 war on children.

Despite what the WOKE world wants you to believe America was not founded by atheists and deists.

AMA faces backlash after opposing putting sex on birth certificates.

Michael Goodwin opines on Joe Biden’s failing first crisis.

Really Mr. President?  Another broken promise… Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill carves out broad exemptions from ‘Buy American’ mandates.