Emperor “Pinocchio” Cuomo is flexing his muscles.

Andrew Cuomo’s ever-escalating lies.

Cuomo claims he always tells ‘the truth’ on COVID-19 — except when he doesn’t.

From City and State:  A timeline of Cuomo’s fight for political survival.

File both of these under “scorched earth”:  Cuomo again questions integrity of AG’s sexual harassment investigation and Cuomo says nursing home probe was political and ‘cruel’.  (Remember this is Emperor Cuomo’s statement on June 16, 2020:  “Fire Through Dry Grass”: Andrew Cuomo Saw COVID-19’s Threat to Nursing Homes. Then He Risked Adding to It.)

Nick Riesman digs deeper into what the DOJ ending the civil rights investigation means:  Q&A: What the nursing home inquiry’s end means.

From the Empire Center:  The Health Department’s FOIL Responses Signal an Indefinite Wait for Pandemic Data.

Also from Empire Center:  Sales Tax Receipts Surge Statewide, Filling Local Government Coffers.

Excellent piece by Jeff Minick in Intellectual Takeout:  In a World of Widespread Slavery, America’s History Is Not Exceptional.  (If you children/grandchildren are subjected to the CRT theory, this is a first-rate piece for them to counteract it, or at the very least to read.)

Only US clarity can prevent a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Communist China’s New Plan: Digital Currency.  This is a must read.  Then there is this:  Amazon job posting points to company’s growing interest in cryptocurrency.  (Is or will the financial bitcoin market place eventually squeeze out the US Dollar?)

Liz Peek: Biden wrong on inflation – president ignoring these realities Americans see every day.

How Congress Keeps Putting Us Further into Debt.

It would be wise for democrats to read this — Reckless tax and spending spree will cripple the economy and possibly the Democratic Party – but they wouldn’t take heed; they would only say it is republicans playing political games in an effort to create problems for the Democratic Party.

Americans have already tired of Biden’s hyper-partisan agenda: Optimism in nation’s future plunges after 6 months.

From Hunter Biden to COVID-19 cases, White House is tripped up on transparency.

Call me cynical but this is not a coincident, rather an elaborate plan by design they were hoping no one would notice:  Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Has Had Deep Ties to China Since 2014.

11 Examples of Why Government Shouldn’t Go After Lawful Gun Industry.

File this under “elitist hypocrites” Democratic-led cities efforting for defunding police spent millions on private security.