Americans who support socialism choose to be deaf and blind to its perils; Cubans continue to plead for America’s freedoms.

Bob McManus opines in the NY Post:  Shootings, lawless peddling, open prostitution: NYC has lost all self-respect.

But if you are Cindy Adams, you have a little different assessment of New York City.

Media Finds Mark Levin’s ‘American Marxism’ Book Too Counterrevolutionary

Speech suppression is habit-forming.

The Media Strive to Control Us Completely

 Pete Hoekstra writes about Enemies of the State in Gatestone Institute.

Con Coughlin, also writing in Gatestone Institute, says It Is Time for Regime Change in Communist Cuba.

Sen. Rick Scott Outlines 3 Ways to Help Cuba.

Finally, a token response:  Biden Slaps New Sanctions on Cuba’s Communist Regime

Nikole Hannah-Jones Praised Cuba as ‘Most Equal’ Country in the Western Hemisphere.  Instead of trying to change America into a Cuba like state, through writings like your 1619 Project, why don’t you move there?

Jason Chaffetz: Hunter Biden keeps cashing in on his family name – there’s only one way to paint this scheme.

Not all politicians are divisive … three very different Senators just introduced a bill to reclaim the powers of Congress.  Read about it here.

Stefanik Nails Why Pelosi Is So Afraid of Republicans on Jan. 6 Select Committee Decision.

Illinois Congresswoman Mary Miller introduces bill to protect college students from abortion drugs.

Repudiating Roe: the pernicious doctrine of ‘stare decisis’.

Allison Schrager writes in City Journal about Universal Basic Wealth.  If you want to reduce inequality, these new proposals aren’t the way to do it.

The Daily Signal writes that Federal Education Officials Backpedal on Pushing Critical Race Theory in Schools.

If he is spending this much on defunding police, how much is he spending on Critical Race Theory being adopted by every education system from kindergarten through a doctorate?

Missouri Teachers, CRT Advocate Plotted to Hide Social Justice Curriculum from ‘Trump Country’ Parents.

Pompeo: Biden Administration Inviting UN Racism Experts ‘Enormous Mistake’

Larry Kudlow writes in the NY Sun:  Biden’s Pipeline To Nowhere: It’ll Build Back Russia Better and The $4 Trillion Forecast for Biden: ‘Go Woke, Go Broke

Shades of Clinton: Joe Biden used private email to send government information to Hunter.

Question for AOC:  If you truly believe in socialism why do you live like a capitalist?

Did anyone really think they would be okay with it?  China Rejects WHO Plan for Second Phase of COVID Origin Probe.

Sometimes you need good news, hopefully this idea will work (when used by those with good intentions; think of the raging fires in the west coast, especially California).  Drones are zapping clouds with electricity to create rain in United Arab Emirates project.

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