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Isn’t this interesting?  Cuomo staff attendance records withheld for ‘law enforcement purposes’

Carl Heastie uses his control of NY education policy to serve teachers unions.  The NY Post editorial points out “Heastie wouldn’t have become speaker in early 2015 without the assent of the New York State United Teachers and its city affiliate, the United Federation of Teachers, and ever since he has overwhelmingly hewed to the unions’ positions on adding more school funding, hiking taxes on high earners, opposing charters and fighting teacher-accountability measures.”

Bill O’Reilly writes in Newsday:  UN racism envoy will fan the flames.

Victor Davis Hanson writes about the American Descent into Madness.

Rich Lowry writes about the Assault on America’s National Identity.

Jim Gilmore opines in the Washington Examiner that Joe Biden is inciting political violence.

Liz Peek: Calling Reagan 2.0 – Biden, Dems’ radical policies wrong for US. Here’s how we get back on track.

Bill Gates- and George Soros-Backed Organization Buys Out COVID-19 Testing Company…someone please explain to me why this makes me uneasy.

Sen. Rand Paul vs Dr. Anthony Fauci.  More about today’s “heated” hearing from Fox News.

AOC, a product of the adoring media, really thinks the outlandish vitriol she preaches is proven; obviously a product of the failing US education system.

Dr. Carson: I’m glad the left is pushing critical race theory because ‘people are waking up’.

How ‘equity’ ideology plunged South Africa into inequality and chaos.

Leftist Business Executive Condemns Milton Friedman, But Did Exactly What Friedman Recommended.

Life on a Border Ranch: Cut Water Lines, Downed Fences, Stolen Property, Dead Bodies.