President Biden and Governor Cuomo have a lot in common; they both govern via press releases believing it magically resolves pesky issues.

Kudos to David Soares, Albany County’s District Attorney, (who had the strong backing of George Soros and the Working Family Parties in his first run for DA,) for speaking out in a NY Post editorial on Cuomo’s weak-sauce crime plan misses the real issue: bail reform.

President Joe Biden’s priorities are sorely misplaced.  President Biden sends yet another ‘Come on in’ signal, while the Afghanis who helped our military through the years and are now targeted by the Taliban continue to languish in fear while the United States does nothing to protect them or bring them to the United States in gratitude for all they did to protect our military.

Obama’s Ethics Chief Zeroes in on What Could Be the True Purpose for Hunter Biden’s Art Scheme.

Daniel J. Mitchell on the Economic Consequences Of “Basic Income”.

NY Times ripped for equating ‘freedom’ as ‘anti-government slogan’.

Trump Blasts Cuba’s Communist Government: I Back the People 100 Percent in Their Fight for Freedom.

Biden’s reaction to Cuban protests has been a disgrace.

The Temptation of Equity.

U.S. Officials Warn What Communist China Is Preparing to Do, Ramifications for U.S.: We’re ‘Too Late’   

This is an eye-opener; really unlimited green energy, why don’t I believe this? :  China’s ‘Artificial Sun’ Brings Nuclear Fusion One Step Closer, Breaking World Record.

4 Ethics-Breaking Biological Experiments Touted by Chinese Scientists as ‘World Firsts’

Biden’s Latest Energy Plan — the Hypocrisy Pipeline.

The House Select Committee to Criminalize and Obstruct.

How Lawsuits against the Trump Organization Have Weakened the Presidency.

Does anyone want to predict how Randi Weingarten will respond to this:  CDC Urges Schools to Fully Reopen in Fall

The Language Shift on Critical Race Theory is Officially Here.

Very good article by Andrew Sullivan; you know CRT is a problem when a leading liberal author writes It’s bigger than CRT: Radical ideologies transforming US.

Another Reckoning for a Bad Idea?

Reading, Writing, and Racism: the NEA’s Campaign to Gaslight Parents.

Biden Must Abandon Nuclear Negotiations with Iran.

Cuomo big-foots in the name of reducing NY’s carbon footprint.

Another sign Andrew Cuomo cares more about winning headlines than results.

Samuel Gregg writes in National Review: Young Americans Increasingly Prefer Socialism. Here’s How to Change Their Minds.

Biden weakens bully pulpit by calling his own speeches ‘boring,’ experts say.

Tested by COVID-19, Doctors’ Direct Primary Care Model Demonstrates Resilience.

Chairman Kassar said politicizing iconic American businesses is a slippery slope that benefits no one.  Read the rest of his statement here.

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