Governor Andrew Cuomo’s shameful exploitation of the rising crime stats.

BreakingCuomo declares new state of emergency, this time for gun violence.  Governor Andrew Cuomo’s new emergency declaration admits ““This is normally not a state role. This is not what we do as a state government. But these are not normal times.”  You are right Gov. Cuomo; the institution of the NY SAFE Act, the numerous bills signed by you in the name of “Criminal Justice Reform”; allowing those arrested to be turned loose without out bail, a Parole Board determined to release violent criminals and looking the other way when misdemeanors are committee, all things that you have encouraged and signed into law, have created an environment that is “not normal times.”  Governor Cuomo, you are part and parcel of creating the increase in crime and it is time you admit that your agenda is responsible.  What you are proposing will do little to the senseless crime wave.  It is shameful that you are using the increasing crime statistics to bolster your decreasing poll numbers.

Larry Kudlow opines in the NY Sun on How Democrats Are Fleeing Principles of the Declaration of Independence.

File this under:  I just cannot let go of the power I have!

File this under:  Against our US Constitution.  (Click here for voting requirements.)

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This is extremely disappointing news; why does America’s largest teachers’ union what to undermine all the good America has done in its very short history?  Teach all of our history to let our students know that we are matchless when it comes to fixing our shortcomings.  Most of all they (teachers’ unions) must divorce themselves from their marriage to the bible of Saul David Alinsky.  America’s Largest Teachers’ Union Votes to Help Members ‘Fight Back Against Anti-CRT Rhetoric’.

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