If you love your freedom and cherish all America offers there is nothing to celebrate about CCP’s 100th Anniversary.

The Chinese Communist Party at 100.

CCP at 100 Years: A Century of Killing and Deceit.

Top Wuhan Lab Scientist Is Connected to the Chinese Military.

From Dove to Hawk: Nebraska Governor Explains Lessons from Dealing with CCP.

William McGurn (WSJ Subscription required) asks the question:  Was Milton Friedman Wrong About China?

In Hong Kong, Pro-Democracy Newspaper Closes and Editor Is Arrested.

Iconic American Magazine Fails to Disclose CCP Funding in Latest Print Edition.

Dems Turn Major China Bill into Green Slush Fund.

Larry Kudlow writes in the New York Sun:  Biden’s Baking an Orwellian Upside-Down Cake of Taxes and Entitlements.

From the WSJ (subscription required) on 0628 2021: It’s the Entitlements, Stupid.

Also, in the WSJ (subscription required), Gerard Baker writes Progressives Disdain America but Love Being Free to Do So.

Biden’s Own Logic for an Iran Deal Is Unraveling Fast.

Biden Administration: Rewarding the Murderous Regime of Iran?

Paige Willey writes about  The Concierge of Decline.

Ilhan Omar Knows What She’s Doing.

No, Republicans are not defunding the police.

The New York Times Explains Why the Minimum Wage Should Be $0.00.  (Yes, you read that right.)

From the Washington Examiner:  NYC primary disaster could undermine Democratic argument for election overhauls.

His arrogance will not let him listen to the results from the latest Siena Poll: Most New Yorkers think Cuomo should not run again

Way overdue:  Assembly Judiciary to issue subpoenas, require sworn testimony.

Former President Donald J. Trump in his own words:  I built the wall; Biden built a humanitarian catastrophe.

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Tenney, House Republicans to Introduce ‘End Zuckerbucks Act’ Prohibiting Non-Profits from Donating to Election Organizations.

Rich Lowry writes in NR Plus (subscription may be required) The Absurdly Misleading Attacks on Anti-CRT Rules.

This is an understatement; read about the latest warning and decided for yourself:  Facebook’s Latest Warning to Users Is Creeping People Out.

Two wins from SCOTUS today:  Supreme Court Upholds Republican-Backed Arizona Voting Restrictions and Supreme Court says California rule requiring nonprofits to reveal donor names is unconstitutional.

Will someone file suit on this assault on the 2nd Amendment?  Pennsylvania Democrats to Propose Bullet Tax and Encoded Rounds to Track Ammo Owners.

Rest in Peace, Donald Rumsfeld.

Patriotism and Noble Deeds: The Pleasures of Life.

Fighting Back Against the Killjoys.

God Bless America as introduced by Kate Smith in 1938.

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