Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up

President Trump Supports Conservative Party

Last week, President Trump sent our Onondaga Chairman Bernie Ment a note indicating his support of the Conservative Party’s intent not to endorse Congressman John Katko for re-election.

Conservative Party leaders from Cayuga, Onondaga, Wayne and Oswego counties came to the unanimous decision based on a number of factors including Congressman Katko’s vote to impeach President Trump, and his support of the so called Equality Act which would negatively impact organized religions.

I want to thank President Trump for staying in touch with the party and offering his support of our vision and values. A copy of the note and Syracuse article upon which the President is referring can be read here.

Conservative Party Primary Results

There were scattered Conservative Party primaries around the state which in most cases were due to attempts by local Democratic Party organizations (in one case by the GOP in the Town of Rotterdam) to run re-enrolled Democrats or Republicans into the Conservative Party for public office positions with the offending candidates then receiving an authorization from their parent political party to also run on their line. Overwhelmingly our local organizations were successful in pushing back this invasion. In fact, in Monroe County a judge agreed with the Party’s efforts to void the enrollment of twenty Democrats who had enrolled in the Party on the last day to enroll under the Election Law provision that these 20, which included a Bernie Sanders delegate, were philosophically inconsistent with the views of the Conservative Party.

The Conservative Party in its almost sixty-year history has provided an alternative voice for Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated who were looking for candidates focused on smaller government, lower taxes & spending, a strong national defense, pro-life, border security and pro-law enforcement. We are not perfect but our membership does take these values seriously. I congratulate our local organizations on a successful primary night.

Primary night also showed that the Democratic Party continues its leftward trajectory with a bona fide socialist winning the Democratic primary for Mayor in Buffalo and more progressives likely winners in NYC Council primaries.

I expect we will see continued fracturing within the Democratic Party as AOC and her forces look to dominate.

Now the real work begins to win in November when it actually counts.

State Supreme Court Rules Diaphragm Law Unconstitutional

The NYC Council could easily make its own episode of “Looney Tunes” although it certainly would not be funny. A few months back a solid majority (we have five members who all voted NO) passed legislation known as the Diaphragm Law that essentially held police liable for restraining an individual through the application of pressure to the chest. Interestingly this was standard procedure and taught at the academy.

Not surprisingly the unions representing law enforcement sued and a Supreme Court Judge agreed with their complaints. His ruling stated that the city law was overly broad and as such unconstitutional. The battle is not over, but I think we can chalk this up as a win for common sense.

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