President Biden does not appreciate our Founding Fathers requiring the Second Amendment.

Through Q1, the post-pandemic income bounce was lower in NY than in most states.

From the Empire Center:  Remote Threat

How to Decimate Police Forces in Two Easy Steps.

Just when we need public safety, Dem elites have alienated cops nationwide.

Sabotaging the Poor, Selling Out for Politics

Tammy Bruce opines in the Washington Times:  Democrats replace city life with hellscapes.

Biden Reminds Gun Owners the Government Has Nuclear Weapons.

‘Zero Tolerance’ for Gun Dealers Who Break Law Under New 5-Point Plan: Biden.

The NY Post editorial ask an appropriate question after yesterday’s presser with President Biden:  Is no one going to mention how confusing and out of it Biden was?

Analysis says Biden’s tax plan will effectively cut lower- and middle-class wages.

A flat tax would collect more revenue than 85,000 added IRS agents.

Allison Schrager writes in City-Journal: Here Comes the Tax Man.

Media allowed itself to be duped by one man on COVID-19.

Rep. Mike Gallagher: Truth on COVID, China – here’s why world needs answers about what happened at Wuhan.

Fox News Poll: Majority believes COVID-19 leaked from lab in China.

NIH Deleted Data on Early Wuhan COVID Cases at Request of Chinese Researchers.

Footage of Bats Kept in Wuhan Lab Fuels Scrutiny Over Its Research.

Biden official faces GOP scrutiny over Bloomberg-paid state climate lawyers.

Deroy Murdock: Biden opposes the slavery of 1619-1865. So why does he enable the slavery of 2021?

Kamala Harris heading to border Friday after months of bipartisan criticism.

Gordon G. Chang writes in Gatestone Institute: Biden Never Learns: He Still Wants to Talk to China.

VICTOR JOECKS: Democrats’ flip-flopping on voter ID would make even John Kerry blush.

The Movement Against Critical Race Theory Is Deeply Necessary.

Critical Race Theory May Violate Civil Rights Act, the Constitution: Dr. Carol Swain.

Democrats will be running on their failures in the 2022 midterm elections.

Victor Davis Hanson asks the question: Why Are They Woke?

Michael Goodwin writes in the NY Post:  Joe Biden’s policy puts America last.

E.J. McMahon examines why Buffalo Goes Red.

‘I’m Not Going Back to Work’: Indiana Residents File Lawsuit After Governor Ends Unemployment Benefits.

Angelo Codevilla, a Senior Fellow of the Claremont Institute and professor emeritus of International Relations at Boston University writes that Restoring America requires dedicated citizens to re-found our Republic.