President Biden makes no pretense of being a sheep any longer; the wolf is on full display.

We can, must and will change this negative aura on November 8, 2022:  Laws for sale: How the Democrats run Albany.

What happens when a 16 year old, with 3 gun busts in 4 months, is given a low bail ($10,000) by a lenient judge?   Alberto Ramirez, 16, was arrested Monday in the slaying of Eric Velasquez, 34, who was struck by a stray bullet that the teen allegedly shot blindly into a crowd while on a rival gang’s turf.  We must end this soft-on-crime mentality that is pervasive in the democratic-controlled legislature.  November 8, 2022 is 516 days from today; the question is, how many senseless deaths will be the result of the progressive movement that demanded the criminal justice changes that are responsible for the current crime wave?

Heather MacDonald writes in City-Journal:  Is Eric Adams New York’s Best Mayoral Hope?  Cops, in particular, are wary of the supposed law-and-order candidate.

Amid Federal Inaction, Texans Push for Control of Own Border.

New York’s Vaccine Passport Could Cost Taxpayers $17 Million.  This is a must read article, not only because of the cost of the vaccine passport; it also explains what information the “Excelsior Pass” plans to add in the future.  One should think twice before downloading the pass.  People should wonder how they will bypass the HIPPA rules; then again by downloading and using the App you give government implied permission.  With the rash of current ransomware attacks on corporations (and government) are you sure you want your driver’s license and health records on the “Excelsior Pass?”

Emails Reveal How Influential Articles That Established COVID-19 Natural Origins Theory Were Formed.

The Truth About Fauci.

The Poisonous Fruit of Appeasing Iran’s Mullahs.

Victor Davis Hanson writes that this isn’t your father’s left-wing revolution.

Keystone XL Pipeline Developer Nixes Project.

Gatestone Institution asks the question:  Is the Biden Administration Helping Iran to Achieve Its Nuclear Dream?

From Fox Business News:  Consumer prices surge 5% annually, most since August 2008.  From National Review:  Consumer Price Surge Breaks 13-Year Record as Inflation Threat Looms.  Of course, any one who has been in any store lately did not need to be told that consumer prices are surging.

Brace Yourselves: The ATF proposes to turn 40 million Americans into felons.

Biden warns climate change is ‘greatest threat’ to US security: ‘This is not a joke’  President Joe Biden seriously believes that climate change is the greatest threat to our security; I wonder what he thinks about cybersecurity and companies who pay ransomware when hacked?  Does he really believe that those collecting the ransomware want to make the world a better place?  Did his son Hunter convince him that China is our friend?  That they do not steal our technology, sell inferior products, infected the world with COVID-19 with their silence, that they do not want to rule the world?  Obviously, his appeasing Iran tells us that he doesn’t believe Iran’s goal of achieving a nuclear weapon is a threat to US Security.  The crisis at our border – allowing all into our country – is his creation, so no threat to our security there. Does he really think that diminishing our energy independence and protecting Russia’s, safeguards our security? President Joe Biden needs a reality check – from those who truly care about the security of the one nation that has lifted so many others.  While his focus is on climate change, our enemies focus on destroying the United States of America.  Shame on him especially saying this while addressing our service men and women who have taken an oath to keep our country safe from enemies and sacrifice so much in our all-volunteer military.

Harris gets tough reviews over border on first foreign trip…and they are from her side of the aisle.

She Won Her School Board Race by Opposing Critical Race Theory.  Need help on how to oppose Critical Race Theory?  Click here for Russ Vought’s Center for Renewing America guidance.   Click here for the 33 page handbook.  (Scroll down for the handbook.)

What a joyous sound at the NY Islander Hockey game last night:  NY Islanders’ Fans United and Did Something That Should Give You Chills…And It Probably Triggered Libs.