Statement by NYS Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

For Immediate Release
June 7, 2021
Contact:  Shaun Marie
518-356-7882  @cpnys

Statement by NYS Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

 Brooklyn, NY – The New York State Conservative Party fully supports Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt and Assembly Republican Leader Will Barclay in their efforts to end the state of emergency declared in March of last year.  (See their press release here.)

With the end of Session rapidly approaching, the fact that both democratic controlled houses of the Legislature have failed to rescind Governor Cuomo’s egregious power to rule New York State by his Executive Orders is an indication that they have no intention of resuming their responsibility as elected officials.   Initially Chapter 23 of the Laws of 2020 was passed to expand the Governor’s emergency powers by authorizing him to issue directives related to the pandemic, in addition to his existing authority to suspend laws and regulations during emergencies, and was set to expire on April 30, 2021.   Instead of allowing the bill to expire, they extended it and passed another bill – Chapter 71, Laws of 2021 – prohibiting new directives related to the pandemic, however, it preserves much of the Governor’s power by allowing him to extend and modify previously issued directives, subject to some additional procedural safeguards.

The people of New York State deserve better; they deserve a legislature that accepts the responsibility they swore to uphold.  The members of the NYS Legislature have a moral responsibility to revoke the authority they handed Governor Cuomo when they relinquished their accountability as elected officials.

Gov. Cuomo stated today that “Once 70% of adult New Yorkers have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, most remaining restrictions will be lifted.”  Lifting the restrictions are necessary as is rescinding his authority to continue and all executive orders.

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